Feb 9 th, 2016
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Vijaynagar & Bahamani Empire – One Liners Ingenuity 10


• Harihara II (1377-1406) : Sent an expedition to Sri Lanka
o He embarked upon a policy of expansion towards eastern sea coast
o His greatest success was wresting Belgaum and Goa from the Bahmanids

• Devaraya II : Inducted a large number of muslims in his army
o Assumed the title of Abhinav Bhoj

• Krishna Deva Raya : Won Orissa for Vijay Nagar
o He wrote the political treatise of Amuktamaly amada in telugu
o Bijapur-Orissa alliance came into being during his times due to his renewal of the old struggle for the Tungabhadra Doab
o Paes an Italian was at his court who said : “He is a great ruler and a man of much justice but subject to fists of rages”
o The languages patronized by him were : Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Sanskrit
o He enjoined upon the king to “levy taxes from his people moderately”

• Dev Raya I : was defeated by Firoz Shah Bahmani and also built a dam on Tungabhadra
o He allied with reddy Kingdom to defeat Firoz Shah Bahmani
o He gave Bankapur as dowry in marriage of his daughter to Firoz Shah Bahmani

• Rama Raja was responsible for defeat of Vijaynagar in the Battle of Talikotta in 1565 (This battle is also known as the battle of Rakshasa-Tangadi)
o He entered into a treaty with the Portuguese to obtain the monopoly of horses

• Horse was the most common animal found in the pillars of the architecture of Vijaynagar Empire

• Vithalswami Temple is an example of wall inscriptions on which stories of Ramayana and the Mahabharata are inscribed

• Muhammad Bin Tughlaq appointed Harihara and Bukka to deal with rebellions in the Kampili Kingdom

• The dissolution of the Hoysala empire was proved helpful in the initial expansion of Vijaynagara empire

• The bone of contention between Vijayangara and Bahmani empire was : Tungabhadra doab, Krishna-Godavari delta and Marathawada

• Question of Tungabhadra doab sparked of a renewed conflict between Vijaynagar, Bahamani and Orissa

• Nicolo Conti wrote : Vijaynagara empire circumference is 60 miles and the king is more powerful than any other kings in India

• Ferishta said : The princes of the house of Bahamani maintained their superiority by valour only; for in power, wealth and extent of the country, the rajas of Beejanagar greatly exceeded them
o He was a medieval chronicler who gave a testimony of the condition of Vijayanagar in the closing years of Bukka I’s reign

• Firoz Shah Bahmani (1397 – 1422) was the most remarkable figure in the Bahmani kingdom during the period
o His most remarkable step was the induction of Hindus in the administration

• Ahmed Shah I : in order to consolidate his rule over new territories he shifted the Bahmani capital from Gulbarga to Bidar

• Under the Prime ministership of Mahmud Gawan the Bahmani kingdom reach the height of its power
o He waged a series of battles against Mahmud Khilji the ruler of Malwa
o His internal reforms include division of kindom into 8 tarafs and fixation of salary of nobles

• Admistrative divisions in the Vijayanagara kingdom were Rajyas or mandalam nadu sthala grama

• Nikitin (16th c. traveler) said about Vijayanagara empire :”The land is overstocked with people, but those in the country are very miserable”

• Lufti Pasha was the Ottoman grand wazir to remark “ In the conduct of naval warfare, the infidels are ahead of us, we must overcome them”

• Concessions received by Portuguese from Bahadur Shah when Humayun attacked Gujarat were : Island of Bassien and to build a fort at Diu

• Agreement of 1566 between the Portuguese and Ottomans include : to share spice and Indian trade; and not to clash in the arab sea

• Ali Add Shah (the sultan of Bijapur) was the leader of the Bijapur-Ahmadnagar-Calicut alliance against Portuguese in 1570

• Kapaluru and Bagapalli grants mention the foundation of Vijaynagar in 1336 by Harihara and Bukka

• Vijayanagara prince Kumar Kampana credited with reinstating the divine image in the Rajasimheswara temple at Kanchi and the Ranganathswami temple at Srirangam

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