Feb 9 th, 2016
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The Marathas – One Liners Ingenuity 9


• Shivaji
o His political guru was Guru Ramjas
o He adopted the title of Chattarpati and Kshtriya Kulavatamsa
o Belonged to Bhonsle clan
o His biography by Sabhasad is known as Bakhar
o Shaista khan was deputed by Aurangzeb to invade Shivaji’s dominion and after he failed Raja Jai Singh of Amber
o In 1665 Treaty of Purandar was signed between the Mughals and Shivaji
o For the conquest of Bijapur and the entire Deccan Jai Singh attach valuability to an allaiance with him
o Gaga Bhatta a priest declared him a high class Kshatriya
o Jinji and Vellore were captured by him from Bijapur on account of his treaty with Golconda
o He built a small fleet of small ships mainly to challenge and contain the Sidis of Jajira
o During his Karnatka expedition he offered prayers at “Shiva Temple of Shri Shaila”
o Rajyabhisheka era was commenced on the day he was coronated

• Peshwa : Poona
Bhonsle : Nagpur
Gaekwad : Baroda
Holkar : Indore

• Peshwa : Prime Minister
Sar-i-Naubat : Chief of Armed Forces
Sachiv : Royal Correspondence

• Watandars were the local inaded elements in Maratha kingdom

• _________lowest unit of the country in the Maratha kingdom

• Balaji Vishwanath introduced Saranjami System

• Baji Rao I campaigned against the Sidis of Janjira
o He was the greatest exponent of Guerilla tactics afte Shivaji
o He propounded the concept of Hindu pad padshahi and was also the real architect of Maratha empire

• Deshmukhs were equivalent to Chandharib of North and Desais of Gujarat

• Barbosa : Krishnadeva Raya
Nicolo Conti : Devaraya I
Nuniz : Achyutdevaraya

• Madhav Rao : defeated Haider Ali

• 1st Anglo Maratha war
o Fought due to conflict of power between narayan rao and raghunath rao

• Mamlatdar was the subedar of bigger provinces under the peshwas

• During the invasion of Ahmad Shah Abdali nominal head of the Maratha army was Viswas Rao

• Moksha mahal were the land grants given during the time of Marathas

• Chronological order
o Balaji vishwanath – Baji Rao I – Narayan Rao – Madhav Rao

• Shahji tried to set up a semi-independent principality at Bangalore

• Dabir was the official/minister considered as master of ceremonies and helped the Maratha King in his dealings with foreign powers

• Jai singh was the only mughal politician to advocate an all out forward policy in the Deccan during this period
o Died in 1667
o He said to Aurangzeb: “The conquest of Bijapur is the preface of the conquest of all Deccan and Karnatka”

• Muhammad Ali Qutb Shah was the ruler of Golconda when it was annexed

• Saqi Mustaid Khan a medieval chronicler has left a detailed account of Aurangzeb’s grievances against Golconda

• In the Treaty of Warna (1731) Tara Bai was granted a state of Kohlapur as settlement.

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