Feb 9 th, 2016
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THE INDIAN RENAISSANCE – One Liners Ingenuity 13


• Raja Ram Mohan Roy
o Regarded as the first leader of modern India
o Founded Hindu College in 1817
o Rabindranath Tagore remarked about him that he was the only person of the time in the whole world to realize completely the significance of modern age
o He started the Brahma Sabha (Association of Brahmins) along with Dwarkanath Tagore in 1828
o After his death the Brahmo samaj was revived by Devendranath Tagore

• Tarachand Chakrabarti was the 1st secretary of the Brahma Sabha

• Henry Vivian derozio was the leader of the young bengal movement and is also regarded as the first nationalist poet of India
o The Young Bengal movement was a group of radical Bengali free thinkers emerging from Hindu College, Calcutta. They were also known as Derozians, after their firebrand teacher at Hindu College, Henry Louis Vivian Derozio.

• Paramhansa Mandali was founded in Maharashtra

• Widow remarriage association was founded by Vishnu Shastri Pandit

• Satya prakash in Gujarati was started by Karsondas Mulji

• Lokhitwaadi was the pen name of Gopal hari Desmukh and
o he was the earliest reformer in western India
o He said that if religion did not sanction social reforms then it should be changed

• Viresalingam spread the activities of Prarthana Samaj to South India

• Social reformer Vivekananda stressed for “social action”
o He said the god in whom I believe……poor of all the races

• S.A.Khan founded the Anglo Oriental College at Aligarh

• Jyotiba Phule (of Maharashtra)
o 1st social reformer to open several schools for girls of lower castes
o He wrote “Ishvara” and “Life of Shivaji”
o He became the member of Poona Municipality in 1876
o From Maharaashtra he was honored with the title of “Mahatma”

• Sri Narayan Guru coined the slogan “ one religion, one caste and one god for mankind”

• Devendranath Tagore refused to a religious reformer refused to perform the antyeshti sanskar of his father

• Regarding Keshav Chandra Sen death Max Mueller say “India has lost her most eminent son”

• Magazine “Banga Darshan” was started by Bankim Chandra in 1872

• Vivekananda attended the parliament of religions in 1893 at Chicago
o He exhorted the Indian youth to “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”
o He became famous as the “stormy hindu” in America

• Mulshankar was the real name of Dayananda Saraswati
o He wrote Sathyartha Prakash
o He 1st stressed on swadeshi, swadharma, swarajya and swabhasha
o Governor General Northbrook engaged spies to keep a watch on his activities

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