Feb 4 th, 2016
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MPPSC Prelims – 2014 – GS-I Solved—–Knowledge Grasp Patron – 29

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MPPSC 2014 GS-1 Solved with Brief Explanation

1. Bhimbetka caves are situated in Abdullahganj-Raisen
2. Samadhi of Maharani Laxmibai situated in Gwalior
3. Dialects of MP – Brijbhasha, Malvi and Nimadi
4. Dewas is famous for printing of currency notes
5. Largest tribe of India is gond
6. Original name of Tansen was Ramtanu Pandey
7. Inventor of world wide web Tim Berner’s Lee
8. Number of legislative seats in MP is 230
9. Akashwani Kendra in Indore was started o 22-May-1955
10. OMR is being used in checking of objective type answer paper in the examination
11. Type of computer found in a digital watch embedded computer
12. Mouse, printer, monitor etc. all comes in hardware category of a computer
13. Junk e-mail is also called as spamming
14. A ‘menu’ in computer consists of objects
15. Two parts of e-mail address are ‘user name and domain name’.
16. Under the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1956 all offences are cognizable
17. In a prosecution for an offence under the SC&ST (POA) Act, 1989 court can presume abetment, common intention and common object
18. State government can specify a court of session to be a special court to try the offences under the SC&ST(PoA) Act, 1989 with the concurrence of the Chief Justice of High Court
19. Under SC&ST (PoA) Act, 1989 benefit of probation is absolutely barred
20. An offence committed under the SC&ST(PoA) Act,1989 shall be investigate by a police officer not below thw rank of sub-inspector
21. Power a special court can exercise under SC&ST(PoA)Act, 1989 are to remove a person, forfeit the property and impose a collective fine; but cannot take measurement of a person
22. Article#17 of Indian Constitution deals with ‘abolition of untouchability’
23. In a prosecution for an offence under the SC&ST (PoA) Act, 1989 accused in his defence cannot take the plea that ‘the act was done in exercise of the right of personal defense’
24. A court can presume that any act constituting offence was committed on the ground of ‘untouchability’ – if such offence is committed in relation to ‘a member of SCs’
25. UN observed 1975 as the international year for women
26. Author of the book “ World of All Human Rights” is Soli J. Sorabji
27. Human Rights Day is observed on 10, December
28. Rights without duties are like man without shadow
29. Child Rights are protected in Article#35 of ICCPR
30. Aparthied is a system in South-Africa of institutionalized racial segregation
31. Number of articles in ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ is 30
32. PIL is public interest litigation
33. Another name for ‘regur soil’ is black soil
34. Great Ice-Age is related to Pleistocene
35. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meets at Deva Prayag
36. Smallest Union Territory of India is Lakshadweep
37. Gandak Project is the joint project of UP and Bihar
38. Term monsoon is originated from Arabic language
39. environment protection act is also known as umbrella legislation
40. Madhubani painting is related to Bihar
41. International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) is 1990-1999
42. ‘Boat Race’ is the part of onam of kerala
43. Sector in which United Kingdom has expressed its interest for partnership with Kerala is health sector
44. Supreme Court in India was inaugurated in 28-Jan-1950
45. Author of the book ‘Namsake’ was Jhumpa Lahiri
46. Louis Pasteur was really the father of immunology, despite Edward Jenner’s pioneering introduction of vaccination to prevent smallpox in 1798
47. Pradhanmantri Bharat Jodo Pariyojana is related to development of highways
48. Country that has test-launched first 3D television broadcast is China
49. Bhopal gas Tragedy happened in 2-3 December, 1984
50. Member countries of ASEAN are

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51. Act by which British Govt. abolished the monopoly of EIC on trading of tea and sugar was ‘Charter Act, 1833’
52. Ghadar party was organised by Lala hardayal
53. Author of the book ‘Satyartha Prakash’ was Swami Dayanand Saraswati
54. 3rd battle of Panipat was fought in 14-Jan-1760
55. Head office of the Indian National Army was located in Rangoon
56. Ex-officio chairman of Planning Commission was used to be the Prime Minister of India
57. In 1893 Swami Vivekanand delivered his speech in ‘World Religion Conference’ in Chicago city
58. With Bangladesh India has it’s longest international boundary
59. Some harbours of India Cochin, Mangalore, Kandla
60. National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization is located in Kolakata
61. Siwalik Hills are part of Himalaya
62. Nanda Devi peak is located in Uttarakhand
63. Bhagirathi originates from gomukh
64. Impact of deforestation in India soil erosion, loss of bio-diversity and drying of water resources in mountains
65. Rivers that does not make delta are narmada and tapti
66. Longest National Highway of India NH-7
67. Term socialist ws brought into the preamble if the Indian Constitution by 42nd amendment
68. The directive principles of state policy are non-justiciable
69. 1919 Act introduced bicameral legislature in the Centre
70. Rabi crops are sown from October to November
71. RSS was founded by Hedgewar in 1925
72. Fundamental Rights are justiciable
73. Viticulture is related to the production of grapes
74. Social base of the communist parties in India is related to agriculture and industrial working class, educated class and youth; but not business class
75. China is the largest source in India’s total import
76. India is the third largest producer and consumer of fertilizer in the world
77. National Planning Committee was set up by Subhash Chandra Bose
78. Coal India Ltd., GAIL, BHEL are all Maharatna, whereas BEL is a navratna
79. First five year plan was started in 1951-52
80. Instrument of Islamic origin are sitar, sarangi and shehnai; but not table
81. Sarvodaya plan was drafted by Jai Prakash Narain
82. Char Dham includes Puri, Rameshwaram, Dwarka and Badrinath-Kedarnath
83. Panchtantra was originally written by Vishnu Sharma
84. From Rig Veda Sanskrit literature has actually begun
85. Mahakunbh held in 12 years
86. 9 players remain in one team in a match of Kho-Kho
87. Term butterfly stroke is related with swimming
88. Australia had won the Men world cup hockey title for the third time
89. Some Indus Valley Civilization sites are Kalibangan, Ropar and Lothal
90. Cricket is not included in Olympics
91. First Indian woman to win as Asian Games Gold medal in 400 m race is Kamaljit Sandhu
92. There are 64 squares in chess board
93. Author of the book golden girl is P.T.Usha
94. Chanderi is the famous textile of MP
95. Singrauli district is called as the energy capital of MP
96. Weight of a cricket ball is 159.9 – 163 gm
97. Khajuraho temples are located in Chhatarpur district
98. Temple Mahakaal in Ujjain is situated on the side of river Shipra
99. Chachai waterfall is the highest waterfall of MP
100. Oldest (Sagar) University of MP as established in 1946

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