Jan 31 st, 2016
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Knowledge Grasp Patron (2 Mins, 10 Obj Q.s) Quiz For Geography – 13



131 Landmass surrounded by sea on three sides
132 Highest peak in the Eastern Ghats
133 Number of states in India through which Tropic of Cancer passes
134 Group of Island located in the Bay of Bengal
135 Place in Uttar Pradesh through which Standard Meridian of India passes
136 Latitude in India which divided India into two parts
137 Number of plates found in the crust (i.e. upper part of the earth)
138 State also known as the name of black water
139 State in India where sun rises first is
140 Place of India in geographical area of the world


131 Peninsula
132 Mahendragiri
133 Eight
134 Andaman and Nicobar Islands
135 Allahabad
136 23.5 deg North
137 7 major and 9 small
138 Andaman and Nicobar Islands
139 Arunachal Pradesh
140 Seventh

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