Feb 2 nd, 2016
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Knowledge Grasp Patron (2 Mins, 10 Obj Q.s) Polity Quiz – 26



251 First Factory Act restricting working hours of women and children, and authorising local governments to make necessary rules was adopted suring
252 Book – “The Story of the economic integration of the Indian States” has been written by
253 Statutory bodies stand for
254 Rowlatt Act, 1919 was passed under the Vice-Royalty of
255 Discussion in the Third Round Table Conference led to
256 Government of India Act, 1935 provided for establishment of
257 National Development Council (NDC) was established in
258 Madam Bhikaji Cama
259 President under whom resolution for complete independence from British was adopted in the Lahore session of INC in 1929
260 Mahatma Gandhi first started his Satyagraha in


251 Lord Ripon
252 V.P.Menon
253 They are set up by statutes which Parliament and State Legislatures can pass
254 Lord Chelmsford
255 Government of India Act, 1935
256 An All-India Federation to the provinces of British India and Princely States
257 1952
258 was born to parsi parents and served as a private secretary to Dadabhai Naoroji
259 Jawahar Lal Nehru
260 Champaran

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