Feb 2 nd, 2016
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Knowledge Grasp Patron (2 Mins, 10 Obj Q.s) Polity Quiz – 25



241 Objective of 98th amendment act was
242 State that was once an associated state of India but later became a full-fledged state was
243 State of mysore now known as
244 Governor General came to be called as Viceroy of India since
245 Dicky Bird plan also known as
246 Amendment to encourage economic activities of cooperatives for progress of rural India
247 Who stood for the total revolution in the country
248 Chairperson of a State Human Rights Commission can be removed by
249 Europeans last to came to pre-independent India as traders
250 State whose ruler removed by the British on the pretext of mis-governance


241 To empower the Governor of Karnatka to take steps to develop the Hyderabad-Karnatka region
242 Sikkim
243 Karnatka
244 The Act of 1861
245 Mountbatten plan
246 97th Amendment
247 Jayaprakash Narayan
248 President of India
249 French
250 Awadh

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