Feb 9 th, 2016
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INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS – One Liners Ingenuity 14


• Dadabhai Naoroji
o Grand old man of India
o He said that the romance is that there is security of life and property in India; the reality is that there is no such thing

• Indian Association was the most important of the pre-congress nationalist organizations

• People instrumental in the foundation of Madras Mahajan Sabha are: M. Viraraghvachari, G.S> Iyer and Ananda CHarlu

• Kadimbini Ganguly was the 1st woman graduate of Calcutta university

• It was in Maharashtra where students burned foreign cloth in 1896 as part of Swadeshi campaign

• From 1885-1892: the nationalists demanded the reform of Legislative Councils

• Justice Ranade said: You don’t realize our place in history of our country

• Lord Differing said : congress representing only “ a microscopic minority of the people”

• National Union was the name proposed by Hume for Congress

• Lala Lajpat Rai said that “ the main objective of founding of congress was to save the British Empire from Danger”

• W.C.Banerjee was the 1st President of the Congress

• Period between 1885-1905 is known as the period of moderates

• Gopal Krishna Gokhale established the “Servants of India Society”

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