Feb 9 th, 2016
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Eighteenth Century’s India – One Liners Ingenuity 11


• Official positions of the Saiyid brothers Abdulla khan and Husain ali khan during Farrukh Siyar’s reign was wazir and mirbakshi

• Mhd. Shah’s among mughal rulers was ill-famed for taking shares in the bribes taken by his courtiers

• For Nizam-ul-Mink this remark apply: “His departure was symbolic of the flight of loyalty and virtue from the empore”

• Murshid Quili Khan was the nawab of Bengal during whose reign the uprisings of Sitaram Ray, Udai narayan and Ghulam Mhd.; Shujat Khan and Najat Khan took place

• Saadat Khan Burhan Mulk was the founder of the autonomous kingdom of Oudh

• Safdar Jung was the Nawab of Oudh to be appointed the wazir of the mughal empire in 1748

• Tipu Sultan used to say: it was better to live a day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep

• John Shore remarked: the peasantry of tipu’s dominions are protected and theor labour encouraged and rewarded

• Sawai Jai singh established observatories at Delhi, Ujjain, Jaipur, Varanasi and Mathura

• Ali Muhammad Khan founded the separate principality of Rohilkhand

• Hargobind guru began the transformation of Sikhs into a militant community

• Marathas helped Imad-ul-mulk to become the Mughal wazir in 1752

• Madhav Rai became the peshwa after the disastrous battle of Panipat

• Baji Rao II succeded as the peshwa in 1795 after the death of Sawai Madhav Rao

• Regarding shup building industry an English observer writes: “Indians taught English far more than they learnt from them

• European traveler Abbe J.A.Dubios noted: “A Hindu woman can go anywhere alone, she need never fear the impertinent looks and jokes”

• John Malcolm praised “the absence of the common vices of theft, drunkenness and violene among the Indians”

• Bahadur Shah II was the mughal emperor during the 3rd battle of panipat

• Raghuji Bhonsle was the Maratha chief who forced Alivardi Khan to cede Orissa

• Mir Muhammad Amin was the real name of Saadat Khan Burhan-ul-Mulk

• Ahmad Shah was the mughal emperor when the system of Nawab-wazir came into vogue

• Bahadur Shah I was the mughal emperor who appointed Saaadatullah Khan as the nawab of carnatic

• 1st major task before Haider Ali as the Sultan of Mysore was reorganization of army

• The treaty of Mangalore was signed between Mysore and the British in 1784

• Zaman shah was the king of Afghanistan invited by Tipu to invade India

• Tipu Sultan was well versed in Arabic, Persian, urdu and Kannada

• Guru Govind singh was the sikh guru when khalsa was formed

• The Treaty of Amritsar gave the british control over territories Cis-Sutlej

• Venture and Allard were the French officers associated with the training of Ranjit Singh’s army

• Cornwallis commented: “The assamese were the most war like nation and had for a long time successfully resisted all foreign invasions”

• Ahom rider Rudra Singha was nown as Shivaji of Assam

• Jat leader/king Suraj Mal advised the Maratha commander Sadashiv Rao to adopt guerilla warfare in the 3rd Battle of Panipat

• Nadir Quli was the original name of Nadir Shah of Persia

• Saadat Khan a mughal noble offered 20 crore rupees to nadir shah for instigating him to attack Delhi

• Nadir Shah was a foreign invader who took away Shah Jahan’s peacock throne

• Alamgir II was appointed by Ahmad Shah ABdali as the Mughal emperor in 1756

• Shah Alam II was the Mughal emperor who was defeated in the Battle of Buxar

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