What are the major Geological events of the past that shaped the drainage system of our country and how?

Some of the important events of our past that led to it are:
– Breaking of the western piece of the Peninsula and it’s submergence in the Arabian Sea amid the early Tertiary time frame ;
– Change of Himalayas;
– Slight tilting of peninsular square from NW to SE heading

Seepage can be characterized as the stream of water through different channels. It for the most part depicts the waterway arrangement of a region and system of such channels is known as a water drainage system.

Drainage framework in peninsular region are more established, infact they are substantially more established than Himalayan rivers.


1.Subsidence of the western flank of the Peninsula prompting its submergence beneath the ocean amid the early tertiary time frame.. generally around 65 million years prior and this irritated the symmetrical arrangement of the stream on either side of the first watershed

2.Upheaval of the Himalayas when the northern flank of the peninsular square was subjected to subsidence and the subsequent faulting

3.Slight tilting of the peninsular square from northwest toward the south-eastern bearing and this offered introduction to the whole seepage framework.

These occasions of the past have molded the peninsular waste framework and furthermore show themselves in trademark highlights, for example, one seepage is towards east streaming into Bay of Bengal and alternate towards west depleting into Arabian Sea.
The real waterway frameworks of the peninsular waste are mahanadi, godavari, krishna and kaveri, narmada, tapi and luni.

Though when crash of the Indian plate occurred, the peninsular square was subjected to subsidence in couple of areas making a progression of breaks through which these waterways stream.

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Nitesh Soni Answered on October 4, 2018.
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