What are challenges in the adoption of electric vehicles in India.

With increasing population comes the need of alternative modes of energy one of them is the requirement of replacing the conventional fuel systems with new ones i.e. electric vehicles, solar energy etc.

The legislature has moved its goalpost commonly on e-vehicle deals in the ongoing past making the vulnerability over the objective. To refer to a precedent, Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) approach usage has been deferred and put on hold.

Challenges in adopting electrical vehicle in India:

1. Regulation and Incentives: Govt has not return up with sturdy regulation and tips as a result of one supreme court direction isn’t enough to implement the policy at ground level.

2. Technology: Lack of technological development, and talent is one among the foremost necessary challenge ahead of Bharat.

3. Infrastructure: Bharat is developing country and developing country suffers from several challenges and infrastructure is one among those and charging station, and lack of mineral needed to create battery isn’t enough in Bharat.

4. Client Demand: there’s only 1 state had return up with electrical vehicle that’s Jharkhand wherever all High level Govt transport in electrical vehicle.

Need to be associate degree hour:
1. Government role is extremely necessary in adopting regulation, providing tips, and implementation at ground level.

2. Government conjointly got to develop partnership with private players to create development in Battery, charging facility, and alternative kind. Need to invest more in research so to invent other better resources or making the existing one cheap and easily available

Nitesh Soni Asked on October 5, 2018 in GS-III.
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Nitesh Soni Answered on October 5, 2018.
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