Structuralism. Thoughts of various anthropologists on it.

Levi-strauss was noted as individually linked to the elaboration of the structuralist paradigm in anthropology
By drawing on levi-strauss’s work, Edmund leachate and Rodney Needham created the British brand of structuralism .

Edmund colour and Dan sperm have published important general works on the subject .

Levi-strauss is a theorist who tries to discover the material of culture the universal structures of the human mind .

The sudden concern for materiality is striking, unlike levi-strauss’s focus on the abstract structure of the mind .

Levi-strauss included it in his conception of the universal structures of the mind .

Although levi-strauss did not use computers as tools, he used them to imagine the future of structuralist analysis – the recovery of deep patterns from the expansion of the mythology material, arrayed in dimensions that could only be captured by computer support .

Structuralism ( known as” structural anthropology” ) is a theory that causes a lot of people to struggle .

Bronislaw Malinowski and A. R. radcliffe-brown had the biggest impact on the development of the functional team from their posts in the uk .

The field of leaching in north-east myanmar, which focused on kinship structures, and his first published article on the kackackachoris ( 1945, in 1961b ) was dominated by the functionalism of Malinowski .

Evans-chard used The theory of radcliffe-brown on structural functionalism to help him write his trilogy of books called, The Nuer Religion, and The royal and royal wedding among The Nuer, which became The main source among British social anthropologists .

Levi-strauss believed that these models were the result of the unchanging structure of the human mind, which hides all acts of human behavior .

For Americans, their structural anthropology is new, brilliant, perhaps even a way out of the tangle of unexplainable data collected over the years of social science .

Although Emile Durkheim had a great influence on radcliffe-brown, he is more often considered to be a father of social anthropology .

Levi Strauss’s most energetic critic, David perhaps a Lewis, points to inconsistencies, even manipulations of traditional ethnographic data to match the structural scheme .
Although the post-infrastructure is influenced by the structuralist ideas created by levi-strauss, their work has more reflective quality .

Structuralism has often been criticized for its accuracy and for favouring deterministic structural forces over the ability of individuals to act .

According to Andrade, it is because it made assumptions about the universal structures of the human mind .

Computers often work as both tools to study and metaphors to think about objects of anthropological interest, whether they are spirits, social rules, cultural knowledge patterns, ecological or ecological systems .

Structuralism supporters would argue that a particular cultural domain could be understood by a structure – modelled on language – which is different from reality organizations and ideas or imagination – the” third order” .

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