need link for impact of urbanization and feminist movement on family

hello admin..
i need link for impact of urbanization and feminist movement on family

aquarius Asked on October 15, 2017 in Anthropology.
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– Increase in population because of innovation of new vaccines and medicines leading to decrease in death rate and increase in population
– Decrease in family size because of increase in cost of living
– Less instances of joint family i.e. family size decreased because of concept of nuclear families and second one is obviously increase in cost of living
– Increase in average age of people living because of availability of better medical facilities
– Decrease in fertility rate because of stressed so called corporate lifestyle
– Degrading cultural values i.e. cultural dance forms or other types of cultural activities people used to involve in like regional festivals and as people have moved from their ancestral homes or towns in search of better place for living and so do their focus on these cultural activities leading to their degradation with time

admin Answered on October 15, 2017.
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Of Urbanization:


Migration and leaving family in lure of job and employment
Family size has been reduced due to rise in prices of standard of living
Culture of nuclear family has increased because maintaining big family is no more possible in urban areas
Standard of living of family is improved and can afford better healthcare and other facilities, so mortality rate is
Spread of education has decreased old orthodoz quarrels among families
Employement of women and their conditions has improved
With better transportation and communication network even though they live in far off locations they
remain in contact
Stress on family has increased to give better education and make their children competent enough for future

Of Feminist Movement:


Better status of women hellps in taking better decision in family matters then before
Equal status to women has helped her deciding on number of children she wants i.e. not dependent on
her in laws wants
Can get a job and so contributes in family income making living more comfortable
Mind set of people has changed from male orientation and so female child infanticide has been
reduced, hence in many families we can see now that they has now only girl child
Mind set of family has changed and so they give equal chances of education to their children
irrespective of their gender
Women don’t have to answer to each and every thing like old orthodox time
They have got the right to own property and to initiate dovorce
Domestic violence has also been reduced
admin Answered on October 15, 2017.
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