impact of globalization on tribal economy ?20 marks

impact of globalization on tribal economy ?20 marks

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on July 17, 2017.
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  1. Displacement
    1. Approximately 16 million people were displaced because of construction of over 1500 irrigation projects out of which nearly 40% belong to tribal population
  2. Ban on Shifting Cultivation
    1. With time the shifting cultivation has been banned and they were restricted to limited area for living
  3. Eroding of Socio-Cultural Heritage
    1. Due to development activities, commercial interest and lack of effective legal protection to tribals they have been displaced from their original homeland to other areas thus leading to loss of their normal life and their original traditions like related to exotic plants used for medicinal purposes
  4. Forced Evictions
    1. For making way for capital intensive projects as happened in central belt of India which are rich in mineral resources and are point of major emphasis for companies like BALCO, NALCO etc.
  5. Rise in Pollution
    1. With more development projects in the indigenous tribal areas the release of GHGs and pollution due to mining (leading to dust problems and further diseases consequently) etc. leading to more health problems and subsequently more health related expenses


There are definitely ills of globalization, but we cannot neglect the benefits as well like:

  1. More medicines and drugs for life threatening drugs
  2. Better education and development, better lifestyle etc. and this education leading to better utilization of local resources for the betterment of all
  3. Giving them exposure to media and other sources of mass communication so that they can raise their voice against injustice this leading to a separate department under government of India for them

So although there benefits and negatives related to globalization for tribals, but seeing the big population of tribals and the amount of resources delegated for their welfare are mismatched and still a large chunk of their population are not living a good life and so there is need of work in that direction.

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admin Answered on July 17, 2017.
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