c.       Discuss the social disabilities suffered by SCs. (2013, Paper II Section B)

The untouchables were given a very low position in the society.
The high-caste Hindus maintained a social distance from them. They were denied many basic amenities of life which were accorded to the high-caste Hindus. They were dependent on the tradition of Hindus for items of food and drink.
Religious Problems:
These pertained to the denial of the right of entering temples which were exclusively served by the high-caste Brahmins. The untouchables were neither allowed to enter the temples nor served by the Brahmins. They had no right to worship the Gods and Goddesses in the temple.
Economic Problems:
They suffered from many economic problems. They had to face many economic hardships and they were not given proper reward for their service. Traditionally, untouchables were deprived of landed property of their own. They were not allowed to carry on any business. They were not permitted to engage themselves in the professions which were being carried out by the people of other castes.
Public Disabilities:
Harijans had to face many public indignities because they were denied the right to use the services of public utilities like wells, public transport as well as educational institutions.
Educational Problems:
Traditionally the untouchables were deprived of getting education. They were not allowed to use public educational institutions. Even today most of the illiterates are untouchables.
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