b.      Examine the impact of non-tribal contact on socio-cultural institutions of tribal people with suitable examples. (2013, Paper II Section B)

Becoming more aware of their rights like sharing-sovereignty of Nagaland,
Learning about better living standards and health practices that can reduce IMR, MMR
Importance of their art and handicraft i.e. how to use it for monetary benefits
Importance of saving their folk and classical dances
Shifting from old jhum cultivation to new modern techniques
Power of protest to avoid their exploitation as happened in odisha
The wood carving of the Kondhs, metal works by lost wax process among the Bathudis, cane and bamboo basketry works among the Juangs and Bhuyans, are all symbolic of artistic creation
Some of the tribal communities like the Bondo and the Gadaba have their own looms by which they weave clothes for their own use. These hand spun textiles of coloured yarn are examples of best artistic skill of these people.
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