Feb 21 st, 2016
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Objective Question + Shorthand Notes on 19th FEBRUARY Current Affairs



1 Name of companies acquired by indian pharmaceutical company Cipla recently
2 Indian origin scientist who discovered substitute of silicon semicondutor
3 Tin Monoxide is which type of material
4 Specific advantages of SnO are
5 BRICS MoU signed is in which field
6 100th amendment is related to
7 Importance of Election Laws (amendment) Bill, 2016
8 Famous hindustani classical singer, who belong to 16th generation of Tansen and died recetly is
9 Tansen was used to be classical music composer in the court of
10 South-Asian country where google recently launched it’s Project Loon is
11 Objective of Project Loon
12 Altitute at which helium balloon of Project loon will be placed
13 Why stratosphere is chosen as preferred location to place helium balloon related to Project Loon
14 Name of recent super-earth exoplanet found out by NASA is
15 New Chairman of GST committee of State Finance Ministers to decide on Goods and Services Tax is
16 Goods and Services Tax is basically to
17 With which country has India recetly conducted fourth coordinated patrol along Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal
18 Recently Make in India week has been organised at
19 With which country’s broadcasting unit has Prasar Bharati recently signed MoU for broadcasting in each other country of indigeneous programs


1 InvaGen and Exelan
2 Ashutosh Tiwari and material discovered is SnO i.e. Tin Monoxide
3 p-type 2D semiconduting, while silicon was 3D
4 fast and less power consumption
5 Science, Technology and Innovation
6 Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016
7 It seeks to provide voting rights to Indian people came back to India under Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladdesh
8 Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan
9 Mughal Emperor Akbar
10 Sri Lanka
11 Providing access to high speed internet to remote and rural areas
12 18 km in stratosphere
13 Low wind speed and minimum turbulence
14 55 Cancri e
15 Amit Mitra, FinMin of West-Bengal
16 to bring uniform indirect tax regime in India by subsuming all central and state indirect taxes
17 Myanmar
18 Mumbai
19 Brazil (earlier same such MoU have been signed with Russia and China as well)


Cabinet gives approves MoUs for cooperation in the field of agriculture & allied sectors

Cabinet approval for MoU b/w India and various other countries in field of agriculture and allied sectors > for capacity building measures, knowledge exchange through visits etc. > development of appropriate technologies hence enhancing agriculture productivity > as per Transaction of Business Rules, 1961 – it is mandatory to bring cases in front of cabinet of negotiations with foreign countries

Cipla acquires two US generic drug companies

Indian pharma company Cipla acquired two US drug companies viz. InvaGen (robust manufacturing base and strong R&D) and Exelan Pharma. Inc. > it will help in strengthening Cipla’s position in US pharma market, increase in it’s revenue and introduction of new products > it was it’s second largest acquisition, first was in South Africa

Indian origin scientist Ashutosh Tiwari discovers fast SnO conductor to replace silicon

A substitute for silicon ha sbeen discovered by a team of scientists led by an Indian-origin Ashutosh Tiwari > new compound discovered is Tin Monoxide (SnO), advantages – 2D semiconducting material, consumes less power and has more speed > it is the first stable P-type semiconductor and so will be used in transistors which currently are made from silicon > Why is it faster? – it has ability to allow electrical charges to move through it much faster than conventional 3D materials (in which as electrons bounce around inside the layers in all directions so consumes more power and has lower speed

Cabinet gives nod to BRICS MoU for cooperation in Science, Technology and innovation

MoU signed with BRICS for improved cooperation in fields of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) among BRICS countries > how? – by mutually agreed S&T events and activities > Objective – to address socio-economic challenges globally as well as regionally > based on mutually agreed areas of cooperation, joint funding etc. > India signed it in March 2015 at Brasilia, Brazil on the sidelines of 3rd BRICS STI ministerial meeting

Union Cabinet gives nod to Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016

100th amendment for amending section 9 of the RPA, 1950 and section 11 of the Delimitation Act, 2002 > to give voting rights to people who became Indian citizens after Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh and enabling Election Commission of India to carry out limited delimitation of Assembly and Parliamentary constituencies in Cooch Behar District of WB before 2016 West Bengal State Assembly elections > under LBA 51 Bangladeshi enclaves were added to Indian territory and 11 Indian enclaves has been added to Bangladesh’s territory

Veteran singer Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan passes away

Highly acclaimed Hindustani classical singer of Gwalior gharana Veteran singer Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan passed away in Kolkata at the age of 107 > has composed around 2000 compositions and has pseudonym Rasan Piya > he was born in UP in 1908 and has a family of musicians > he belonged to 16th generation of Tansen who used to be classical music composer in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar > Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan was so famous that his compositions has been recorded by reputed broadcasters and institutes

Google’s Project Loon begins its operations in Sri Lanka

Internet search giant i.e. Google’s Project Loon began it’s operation in Sri Lanka with launch of first of the planned three helium-filled balloon in Pupuressa area in Gampola town > Project loon – to provide high speed internet service access to remote and rural areas > balloons will be placed at an altitude of about 18 km in the stratosphere because of low wind speed and less turbulence in there > Balloons can provide coverage to around an area of 40 km, powered by solar panels, have transceivers which will help in connecting remote areas to cell phone networks, have a life of about 180 days > Sri Lanka – 1st country in South Asia region to introduce mobile phones (1989), 3G (2004) and 4G (2013)

NASA finds first super-Earth exoplanet with an atmosphere

NASA astrophysicists found a super-Earth exoplanet “55 Cancri e” with an atmosphere while working with European Space Agency (ESA) using Hubble telescope’s wide field camera 3 (WFC3) > 55 Cancri e – 40 light years away and 8 times bigger than earth, surface temperature of around 2000 deg C because of it’s close proximity to planet star > super earths are rocky planets larger than earth

Amit Mitra appointed as Chairman of GST committee of State FMs

West Bengal’s Finance Minister Amit Mitra has been appointed as Chairman of the Empowered Committee of State FinMin on GST > will be second after FinMin K M Mani resiged over corruption charges > this committee is responsible to frame rules for GST, where GST is to bring uniform indirect tax regime in India by subsuming all central and state indirect taxes i.e. enhanced federalism, removing indirect tax barriers across states, making a country a uniform common market, boosting government revenue and reducing business costs

India, Myanmar conduct fourth coordinated patrol

4th edition of India-mayanmar Coordinated Patrol (IMCOR) successfully held by navies of both countries > both shares international maritime boundary line (IMBL) in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal > both has SoP for smooth conduct of coordinated patrols between both along IMBL > apart from Myanmar (3rd) India has signed such a formal agreement with Indonesia and Thailand as well

Make in India Week concludes in Mumbai

Make in India week finally ended in Mumbai > investment of 15 Lakh crore rupees has been secured during this event > 150 events, 25 thousand people etc. were involved in this

Prasar Bharati signs historical MoU with EBC

Prasar Bharati has signed MoU with Empressa de Brazil Communicacao (EBC) > it will help in broadcasting of news, programmes etc. in each others network > the MoU has been signed by PB CEO Jawhar Sircar > similar MoUs has also been signed previously with Russia and China as well

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