Feb 25 th, 2016
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Objective Question + Shorthand Notes on 24th FEBRUARY Current Affairs



1 New chairman of National Human Rights Commission
2 Chronological number of HL Dattu as ex-CJI
3 Naval Exercise IBSAMAR 2016 held in
4 IBSAMAR is abbreviated as
5 Countries involved in IBSAMAR are
6 Name of Indis’f first nuclear submarine is
7 Present submarine of Indian navy on lease
8 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation will be hosted by
9 Number of countries that will be participating in 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation
10 Out of 13 Tiger Range Countries which has amximum number of tigers
11 State in India with maximum tiger population is
12 Which bird specie has been sighted at Goa recently
13 Name of world’s 1st antti-rabies drug to be launched in India
14 The new anti-rabies drug that has been launched in India is manufactured using
15 Khajuraho festival is a type of
16 Chitrgupta Temple of Khajuraho is dedicated to
17 Viswanatha Temple of Khajuraho is dedicated to
18 Khajuraho has temples of
19 Khajuraho temples was being developed by
20 Tamil film which has won Remi Award of USA, which is being given to independent films and filmmakers


1 HL Dattu
2 42nd
3 Goa
4 India-Brazil-South Africa Maritime
5 India, Brazil, South Africa
6 INS Arihant
7 INS Chakra leased from Russia for 10 years since 2012
8 India
9 13 tiger range countries
10 India with population of about 2226 i.e. 70% of the world
11 Karnatka – 406
12 Rare Falcated Duck
13 Rabies Human Monoclonal Antibody (RMAb)
14 Recombinant DNA Technology
15 Cultural festival which includes dance performances of classical dances of India
16 Surya
17 Lord Shiva
18 both Hindu and Jain gods
19 Chandela dynasty between 950 – 1050 AD
20 Kanavu Variyam


Ex-CJI HL Dattu selected as new Chairman of NHRC

His name will be sent to the President Pranab Mukherjee for his approval. Mr. K.G. Balakrishnan > he is being selected by the high-powered committee consisting of PM, LS speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Home Minster Rajnath Singh, RS Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien and LoO in RS Ghulam Nabi Azad > But it will be the President who will appoint him based on recommendation of this committee > HL Dattu was 42nd CJI i.e. from September 28, 2014 to December 2, 2015 and earlier was Chief Justice of CG and Kerala HCs > NHRC is apex statutory watchdog of human rights in country to defend life, liberty, equality and dignity based rights of individuals

Naval Exercise IBSAMAR 2016 between India, South Africa, Brazil kicked off in Goa

5th edition of IBSAMAR 2016 between Brazil, India and South Africa kicked off in Goa > abbreviated as India-Brazil-South Africa Maritime > first time it is happening in India, while all previous exercises held in South Africa since 2006 > for increasing interoperability among navies and common understanding of maritime security > it will be conducted in two phases i.e. Harbour phase including professional interactions and Sea phase including operational activities > thrust areas – anti-submarine warfare, flying operations, surface firing etc. > this exercise is good for long-term strategic relationship b/w three countries

India’s first nuclear submarine INS Arihant passes deep sea tests

India’s first nuclear submarine INS Arihant passed deep sea tests as well as weapons launch tests off Vishakhapatnam coast and is now ready to be inducted into naval fleet > it’s 6000 tonne nuclear powered, 112 m long, 83 MW pressurized light water reactor for power> built with Russia’s he;p > capable of launching nuclear capable ballistic missile BO-5 (K 15)-ranfe 700 km and K4-range 3500 km > presently Indian navy is operating INS Chakra (nuclear powered submarine) leased from Russia for 10 years since 2012

India to host 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation

India will host the 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation in April, 2016 to save tigers, which is third such conference > all 13 tiger range countries (TRCs) will be participating > fro sharing good conservation practices and conservation efforts and bringing momentum in conservation efforts > first edition was held in Hua Hin, Thailand in 2010 and second edition in Thimpu, Bhutan in 2013 > India home to 70% of world’s tiger population i.e. 2226 > Karnatka (406), Uttarakhand (340), Madhya Pradesh (308), Tamil Nadu (229), Maharashtra (190), Assam (167), Kerala (136) and Uttar Pradesh (117)

Rare Falcated Duck sighted in Goa

Falcated Duck has been seen in Goa which is a rare migrant bird species visible in South India > it is actually found out in Russia and north China during Summers and migrate towards north of India in winters > in South India earlier it is being sighted only twice > classified as near threatened by IUCN > loss of habitat and hunting is threatening it’s population

World’s 1st fast-acting Anti-Rabies drug to be launched in India

World’s 1st fast-acting anti-rabies drug Rabies Human Monoclonal Antibody (RMAb) will be launched in India > developed by Serum Institute of India, Pune and MassBiologics, US > RMAb is a monoclonal antibody with ability to instantly deactivate rabies virus by specifically binding to glycoprotein of virus, is 25% cheaper as well compared to human rabies immunoglobulin (hRIG) treatment > advantage of RMAb – reduction in transmission of this blood borne infections > is manufacture using DNA recombinant technology i.e. inserting DNA encoding antigen to the microbial DNA of cells in the body to stimulate immune response

42nd Khajuraho Dance Festival begins in Madhya Pradesh

42nd Khajuraho Dance Festival begun at Khajuraho in Chhatrapur District of Madhya Pradesh > it’s a cultural festival for highlighting richness of various classical dance styles > includes dance performances by best exponents of classical dances of India i.e. Bharathanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri and Kathakali > performances include documentaries, short films etc. related to fince arts, classical dances etc. > all performances took place in front of Chitragupta Temple dedicated to Surya and Vishwanatha Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva > Khajuraho is a UNESCO world heritage site which consists of various Hindu and Jain temples built by CHandela dynasty b/w 950 and 1050 AD

Tamil film Kanavu Variyam wins 2016 Remi Award

Tamil film Kanavu Variyam won 2016 Remi Award of US > produced and directed by Chennai-based persons Arun Chidambaram and Karthik Chidambaram > it deals with the story of power cuts and electricity shortage in Indian villages > they will get this award in 49th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival in April, 2016 > Remi Award is being given to independent films and filmmakers

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