Feb 16 th, 2016
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January Current Affairs – Pollution Effects and Future Insights



Every month the aspirants get to read about the science and environment related current affair news from newspaper, magazines, online resources and all; as this topic covers a good portion of questions in exams.

But, the story is not over yet because just reading and remembering the facts is not going to help you but analyzing the facts is still very important as all the science and technology related actions, issues etc, are inter-related and that is what I am trying to do it for you, well before starting I would like to tell you that it’s not rocket science even you can do it and I think that is what going to help in final subjective exams which is indeed the main exam to decide your final selection and rank, so after reading this if anyone feels like they can’t do it or have problem then I insist them to give it a try no matter what, as in the initial few times you will stuck and take more time but if don’t start it today then you have delayed the process of learning one more day for the exam for which I don’t since when u might be preparing so just give it a try.

Topic#1: An invasive species of snowflake coral has been found in the South-India

Why should we consider this topic:

Already, due to global warming we have heard many instances of coral bleaching or corals are dying in some tracts of sea leading to it’s effects on bio-diversity, which is the result of global warming, increasing concentration of GHGs in sea water etc. all that affecting the final biodiversity in water bodies and in that situation dealing with an invasive species is another major concern for India.

Now, what can be done is we need more research in this area and following best practices from foreign countries because damage once done hardly can be recovered and so it will be better if we find it’s solution now then regretting it in future, because already we have a long list of species under threat and if do not take steps to conserve and protect it now then condition will become worse only as there is a famous saying “Doing the right thing it always the hardest”.

Topic#2: Bharat Stage VI

In the last topic only you have read how global warming is affecting whole world and in that situation government has decided to directly apply BSVI norms from 1st April, 2020 i.e. skipping BSV norms. This is the situation with the pollution and during this time when NGT is banning straw burning in North India, cancelling registration of new diesel vehicles, banning diesel vehicles older than 10 years in NCT Delhi, odd-even formula etc. launching of a number of new SUVs and new models of cars during auto-expo creates doubts about accountability of automobile companies.

This is the time when we must start thinking about future i.e. finding cleaner fuels for our vehicles, or researching on making electric cars available and affordable in India etc. learning from best examples like Beijing where their government has declared red alert seeing the high pollution level in 2015-16.

Topic#3 Sikkim has become India’s First Fully Organic State

The vision of their CM that has started way back in 2004 has finally come true with Sikkim became the only state of India with absolutely no use of chemicals for growing crops. There a lot of benefits of it like soil health will be maintained, soil will not degrade because of excessive use of chemicals, no need to give subsidies on fertilizers, better quality vegetables hence improved health and so less expenditure from government on health and caring of people.

This plan must also be implemented in other states as it has got a lot of benefits and once chemicals will be replaced we will not going to need them further for production.

Another, problem that these chemicals causes is that of algal bloom in water bodies making water unfit for use and organic farming can mitigate this problem forever, means it is like going back to our old techniques smartly. Plus, as India is a oil deficient country and naphtha is mostly used in fertilizers so finding it’s substitute will free that resource for some other purpose i.e. can be used for energy production.

So, organic farming is a very profitable and win-win situation for India and so it must be implemented on priority basis.

Current Affairs Collection – August-2015 To January 2nd

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