Feb 2 nd, 2016
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15 International Affairs Audio-Visual + Notes (2 Mins) Revision – Part II


• China – 3 lakh students in US and India 1.5 lakh

• Boko haram attack > 2.1 mn displaced in Nigeria

• Hodiedah airport > yemen

• China > 8th sept > 50th anniversary > Formation of Tibet Autonomous Republic (TAR) > message of unity

• Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization and TN Alliance > march in Jaffna > international mechanism into alleged war crimes

• Non-proliferation treaty (NPT) > separate nuclear material use between civilian and military purpose and an independent national regulator to oversee movement of uranium

• US support for India and Japan > Russia > India and Brazil > China > rivals Japan and India > G-4 Pak, Italy, South Korea and Colombia – demand for a 25-member security council for more non-permanent members instead of a few more permanent members > fomers demanding for permanent membership of UNSC

• Russia > building airstrip > Syrian regimes > Latakia province > US accusing it > Russia backed President Bashar Al-Assad regime against uprising of more than 4 years

• Malcolm Turnbull > new PM Australia > old Tony Abott > 4th regime change in 5 years

• Putin > supported Syria > saying impossible to defeat IS w/o cooperation

• Pentagon 1st country special cell to speed up defense ties with India-Us > G-4 i.e. japan, Germany, Brazil and India wants expansion of UNSC

• India ungrade ties with North Korea > frosty for sseveral decades > NK strategic ties with pakistan >NK largest deposits of minerals and rare earth metals > sensitivity with South Korea leads to not gud relations with NK

• Chaos at Hungary border > refugees trying to enter it from Serbia

• India-Cambodia two MoU on tourism and Mekong-Ganga cooperative initiative : special purpose vehicle to attract India’s
investment to Cambodia and other CMLV countries

• UN report on Sri Lankan was crimes released > > unlawful killings by SL forces > deprivation of liberty of people > gender violence like rape

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