Feb 26 th, 2016
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GK questions from current affairs + Shorthand Notes on 26th FEBRUARY

gk questions from current affairs

GK questions from current affairs and answers from 26 February News to give user a better experience by not only giving questions and answers but some shorthand notes as well for explanation. Plus, in case of doubt users can aslo ask a question to us which they can later on can track in our questions forum tab.

To make a rhythm you can also refer our earlier post like on 25, 24, 23, 22 February etc.

GK questions from current affairs

1 India recently extended it’s e-tourist visa scheme with how many countries
2 What is the benefit of e-tourist visa scheme
3 Importance of e-tourist visa scheme
4 Purpose of Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016
5 How many enclaves exchange has been took place between India and Bangladesh under 100th amendment or LBA
6 Which organization is reponsible for delimitation fo constituencies
7 New Director General of Coast Guard
8 Only person to become DG of ICG from internal cadre
9 Indian Coast Guard was established in
10 Indian Coast Guard operates under
11 4th armed force of India
12 Appointment of Information Commissioners and CIC has been done by
13 Oath of Information Commissioners has been administered by
14 Tenure of IC’s and CIC’s
15 Do CIC is eligible for second term
16 Committee which recommends appointment of CIC and IC consists of
17 ISRO to launch solar mission whose name is
18 What are Lagrangian points?
19 Objective of Aditya-L1 mission
20 India lost solar case against which country whose decision has been taken by WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body (DSB)
21 Indian scientist awarded with Cross of the order of Merit award
22 India’s largest lender which ahs launched e-smart SME
23 e-Smart SME has been launched by SBI in partnership with
24 Purpose of e-smart SME launched by SBI

Answers for GK questions from current affairs

1 37
2 pre-authorization of visa electronically
3 for effectively utilizing India’s untapped and unexplored tourism potential
4 To grant voting rights to people that came to India as a result of Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh
5 51 enclaves has been transferred to India and 111 to Bangladesh
6 Election Commission of India
7 Rajendra Singh
8 Rajendra Singh
9 18 August, 1978 by Coast Guard Act, 1978
10 Union Ministry of Defense
11 Indian Coast Guard after India Army, Navy and Air Force
12 President of India
13 CIC
14 5 years or till the age of 65 years
15 No
16 PM, LoO LS and one cabinet minister
17 Aditya-L1 using PSLV-XL
18 They are total 5 where gravitational force balaces each other and so they remains at constant distance
19 To study solar corona and chromosphere
20 US
21 Goverdhan Mehta
22 SBI
23 Snapdeal
24 easy apply of loan and getting instant sanctioning

Explanations for GK questions from current affairs

E-Tourist Visa Scheme extended to 37 more countries

e-tourist visa scheme has been extended to 37 more countries, so now total become 150 > e-Tourist Visa Scheme (as Tourist Visa on Arrival scheme) launched in November 2014 > facilitates pre-authorization of visa electronically which needs to be present during check by immigration authorities to enter in India > important because of India’s tourism potential still remains untapped and unexplored

Lok Sabha passes Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016

Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016 to grant voting rights to people who came to India under 100th amendment or Land Boundary Agreement during exchange of enclaves between India and Bangladesh has been passed by Lok Sabha > RPA, 1950 and Delimitation Act, 2002 has to be amended >act regulates allocation of seats to Lok Sabha state assemblies etc. > it will empower Election Commission of India for delimitation of areas affected by 100th amendment, 2015 > 51 enclaves has been transferred to India and 111 to Bangladesh > under RPA, 1950 and Delimitation Act, 2002 it is the responsibility of ECI to maintain up-to-date delimitation orders which specify borders of territorial constituencies > ECI will include new territories and exclude those which has been transferred to Bangladesh

Rajendra Singh appointed as DG of Coast Guard

Rajendra Singh will be the next Director General (DG) of Indian Coast Guard (ICG), country’s coastal protection force > and hence he becomes the first DG of ICG from it’s own internal cadre which earlier has been held by officers commissioned in the Indian navy > he is being elevated by Union Defense Ministry > he has commanded each class of Coast Guard Ship in Service and has served in almost all responsibilities and has distinguished track record > Indian Coast Guard is the country’s multi-mission paramilitary organization which protects country’s maritime interest and enforces maritime law established on 18 August, 1978 by Coast Guard Act, 1978 > ICG operates under Union Ministry of Defense > it is India’s 4th armed force after India Army, Navy and Air Force

Union Government appoints 3 Information commissioners of CIC

Their appointments have been made for a term of five years or till they turn 65 gone to 11 > these 3 new ICs has been administered oath by CIC RK Mathur > CIC is the statutory authority that receives and inquires into any compliant from any person nor been able to receive concerned information > it was established under The RTI Act, 2005 > Both CIC and IC has been appointed by President of India on recommendation of a committee consisting of PM, LoP of LS and one more cabinet minister nominated by PM > tenure of IC’s and CIC’s is for 5 years or till the age of 65 years > CIC is not eligible for reappointment

ISRO gears up for launch of India’s first solar mission Aditya-L1

ISRO is all set to launch country’s first solar mission Aditya-L1 using PSLV XL at around 15 lakh kilometers from earth in halo orbit i.. periodic 3D orbit near Lagrangian points L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 (it is a place in space where gravitational force between two large masses roughly balances each other which overall 5 such places) > objective of this mission is to study the solar corona and chromospheres in different wavelengths, coronal mass ejection etc.

ndia losses solar case against US at WTO

US has won the solar case against India at WTO > decision in this regard has been taken by WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) > US has dragged India into this case saying that domestic content requirement on solar power developers discriminated against American and other imported solar technology > US seeing India’s National Solar Mission (NSM) as a big business potential

Goverdhan Mehta awarded Germany’s Cross of the Order of Merit

Chemical scientist and researcher with more than 400 research papers published on his name Goverdhan Mehta has been awarded with Germany’s Cross of the order of Merit award also known as Bundesverdienstkreuz (in German) that was established in 1951 which is Germany’s only honor awarded to both Germans and foreigners in all fields of endeavor > he was earlier Vice-Chancellor of University of Hyderabad from 1994 to 1998 and Director of IISc, Bengaluru (1998-2005), Padma Shri, first Indian scientist to receive Alexander von Humboldt Research Award

SBI Launches SBI e Smart SME to offer Ecommerce Loan

India’s largest lender i.e. SBI has launched SBI e-smart SME to provide working capital loan for sellers on e-commerce platforms > launched by SBI in partnership with Snapdeal > sellers on e-commerce platforms can now apply for the loan and can get instant sanctioning of loan > it will be available at lowest interest rates > collateral loan of upto 10 lakh rupees under MUDRA scheme and women entrepreneurs to get 0.25% concession on loan

End – GK questions from current affairs 26 February.

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