Feb 11 th, 2016
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Current Affairs – ATDS, Permanent Representative to UN, Indo-Bangladesh SoP on Coastal Shipping, AMRIT Outlet, Doyand Lake, France Bomb Attack, India against ISIS, GCF, Stand-up and Start-up India

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Indian Navy’s Advanced Torpedo Defense System (ATDS)

It is named as Mareech which is basically for torpedo detection and taking counter measures to divert the torpedoes original course, making it to lose it’s energy and ineffective on target.
Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basin (SMB): It put India among one of the few nations with capability to undertake comprehensive hydrodynamic model testing of weapon systems and naval platforms.

Imp. Points:

Indian Navy’s ATDS – Mareech – Torpedo detection and counter measures
SMB – India becomes one of few nations – comprehensive hydrodynamic model testing of weapon systems

India’s New Permanent Representative to UN

Syed Akbaruddin has been appointed as India’s next permanent representative to the UN, earlier he was high profile spokesperson of MoEA.
Permanent representative is India’s foremost diplomatic representative to UN and is the head of diplomatic mission to UN.

Imp. Points:

Syed Akbaruddin – High profile spokesperson of MoEA – Appointed India’s next permanent representative to UN – i’t India’s foremost diplomatic representative to UN

India-Bangladesh SOP on Coastal Shipping

Both signed standard operating procedure to operationalise “Agreement on Coastal Shipping”, it’s implications include:
– Will help promoting coastal shipping and trade between the two
Same treatment to each others vessel’s as to their national one.
– It will lead to saving in terms of EXIM logistic costs
Easy connectivity to north-east via Chittagong port and later on using roadways or inland water ways”

Imp. Points:

Indo-Bangladesh – SoP – Agreement on Coastal Shipping – Promote shipping and trade – same treatment – saving in EXIM cost – easy connectivity to North East via Chittagong

AMRIT Outlet

MoH&FW inaugurated Affordable Medicines and Reliable Implants for Treatment (AMRIT) outlet at AIIMS, Delhi.
It will provide drugs related to cancer and heart disease at very reduced price i.e. almost 50-60% cheaper price than that in open market.
The project will run in tie-up with HLL Lifeacre Ltd. a government owned company.
India at any point of time has about 2.8 million people with cancer out of which about half a million die each year.”

Imp. Points:

AMRIT outlet at AIIMS, Delhi – by MoH&FW – treat cancers and heart disease – 50-60% reduced prizes – tie up with govt. company HLL Lifecare Ltd. – 2.8 mn in India has cancer out of which half million dies every year

Doyang Lake, Nagaland

Centre has decided to develop this lake in Nagaland as a spot of eco-tourism which is a famous site where every year Amur Falcons arrive while travelling.
Amur falcons are longest travelling raptors which covers about 5,600 kms non-stop in five days from Mongolia to Nagaland.
Also, they have been killed for their meat by people of Naga tribe and so it will help in conserving their population.

Imp. Points:

Bomb Attack on France

Second terrorist attack after on offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris.
Recent attack was targeted against general public, with an aim to spread terror among people and happened against France due to it’s ongoing efforts against ISIS in Syria. ISIS even claimed the responsibility for the same.
It will show it’s direct effect on refugees coming from war affected nations coming from middle east countries.
Main Reason Behind Attack:
a. France lead in war against ISIS in Syria, b. Secondly, France has a lot of muslim population even largest in Europe but they remain unhappy with the french government because of their unfriendly policies.

Imp. Points:

Bomb attack in France at Chalie Hebdo in paris – to spread terror – Reason: France lead in war against ISIS in Syria, Unhappy muslim population in France

India and War Against ISIS

Reason that India must Join it:
a. It will help Russia strengthen it’s position in their operation against terrorist organization in middle-east
b. Indian army already fighting such terrorists in Kashmir, so it will be a blow to such terrorist organizations and also Indian defence forces will get experience in dealing with such forces on foreign soil
c. For the sake of future security and it is better to deal with the real problem i.e. to the place or organization actually responsible for it then constantly spending money in proactive measures and also India’s security in terms of technology in not better than that of western countries
Reasons in Against:
a. India already have a lot of internal problems like naxalism, demand for separate nationhood etc.
b. Indian defense forces has no prior experience on foreign soil, so that’s going to be a problem which can cost India in terms of life of soldiers
c. War will going to cost India a lot and India can’t afford it at least monetarily.”

Imp. Points:

India against ISIS – Positives: Helping Russia, Trained Indian army and for better experience as well, future security
Reasons in against: Internal problems, less experience of Indian army on foreign soil, Monetary cost


It’s a economic corridor project between China and Pakistan under which China will develop strategic Gwadar port of Pakistan.
The project will connect Xinjiang with Pakistan’s Gwadar port and includes building highways, railways, pipelines etc.
a. It will shorten the route for China’s route to middle east, Asia, Africa etc. hence decrease in cost of importing various products from middle-east,
b. It will connect China’s undeveloped western region with Arabian Sea

Imp. Points:

CPEC – to develop Pakistan’s Gwadar port – road, rail and pipes – China’s route to middle-east, Africa and Asia will shorten

Green Climate Fund

Is a fund within framework of UNFCCC as a way to redistribute funds from developed to developing countries for promoting adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change.
It’s aim is to raise $100 bn a year by 2020, and promote a shift towards low-emission and climate resilient system to decrease emission of GHGs.
Currently, GCF has only $5.83 bn,US and EU has said that they will not be able to make the required or pledged contribution to this fund i.e. to make fund of $100 bn by 2020.”

Imp. Points:

GCF – a fund within framework of UNFCCC – to redistribute funds from developed to developing countries – aim to raise $100 bn by 2020 – towards low-emission and climate resilient system

Start-Ups in India

PM NaMo has launched “Start-up India and Stand-up India” in August this year.
India needs start-up policies as most of them after making some progress shifts to foreign countries seeing the hostile regulatory environment in India, hence complex procedures needs simplification.
Also, start-ups are producing jobs, around 11,500 start-ups will come by 2020.
Expectation from Government:
– Reduction and simplification of laws, excessive red tapes, easy exit mechanism, improving ease of doing business norms, single law to regulate start-ups, promoting digital India initiative, making funding available, relaxing FOREX regulations etc.

Imp. Points:

Start-up India and Stand-up India – need for better start-up policies – creating jobs – around 11500 start-ups will come by 2020 – expectations from government (important)

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