Feb 11 th, 2016
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Current Affairs – AEC, AAD, UP-World Record, SBC, Women Permanent Commission, UN Against IS, Vyapam Scam, Drought, IGPPDD-2015 – August Last Week

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ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) – Mains

“It has been established by members of ASEAN by signing Kuala Lumpur declaration.

AEC Advantages:
a. It will help in building a single market for the members for free flow of goods, capital, labor etc. between ASEAN members which includes 620 million people with GDP of USD 2.4 trillion
b. It will enhance cooperation among member countries

Note: India will get access to USD 2.5 trillion plus a middle class market for Indian products and service related services.

ASEAN 2025 a program under which they want to build path for AEC to further ASEAN goals and aspirations
– It was established in August 1976 in Bangkok with an aim to strengthen cooperation for combating security challenges like terrorism, drug crimes, trafficking etc.”

Imp. Points:

AEC and it’s member countries,
ASEAM – Founding year and place,
Advantages of AEC

Supersonic Interceptor Missile – Pre, Can Quote in Mains as Example

    “It is capable of destroying any incoming ballistic missile known as Advanced Air Defence (AAD) developed by DRDO equipped with a navigation system.
    It is recently test fired from Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha coast or wheeler island.”

    Imp. Points:

    Abdul Kalam Island – Odisha, Wheeler Island

UP Government’s Guinness World Record

    “UP government made the world record by planting 10 lakh saplings in one day in a span of 8 hours implemented with the help of different departments of state like forest, irrigation etc.
    Provision of internal departmental audit to ensure survival of plants.”

    Imp. Points:

    10 lakh saplings – 8 hours,
    Guinness Record

Swachh Bharat Cess – II

    “A 0.5% of Swachh Bharat cess on all services to support swachh bharat related initiatives which according to government will help in preventing diseases for which currently government has to invest approximately Rs. 67,000 crores a year or Rs. 60 per capital.

    Pre-1991 almost 80% of total revenue of government comes from indirect taxes which is regressive in nature as it hits the pockets of normal citizens and hence is anti-poor.

    Since, 1990 government is trying to make the system more progressive by including provisions like fewer exemptions, better tax administration etc. A milestone in this direction came in 2009 when corporate taxes became higher than indirect taxes.

    Recent government initiatives has led to increase in collection of indirect taxes by almost 36.9% because of following reasons:
    a. Because of cess by government like education cess on income, clean energy cess on coal mining, road cess on petroleum products, higher education cess on services etc.
    Notion of Cess:
    a. Easy to collect, regressive, imposes additional burden on people especially middle class and poorer sections
    b. Once imposed they are hardly discontinued later on. Also, it is levied on top of direct or indirect taxes
    c. The revenue collected under cess and surcharges are not shared with state government, hence states are not happy with it”

    Imp. Points:

    o.5$% – Rs. 67K Cr – Rs. 60 per capital,
    Since 1990,
    36.9% increase in indirect taxes
    Education cess – clean energy cess – road cess – higher education cess
    Notion – easy, no discontinuity, no state share

SC Against Permanent Commissioning of Women in Navy

“The order in favor was initially passed by Delhi High Court which has been stayed by SC.
– According to the rule men or women commissioned under short service category cannot be fixed the permanent commissioning. So attorney general Mukul Rohatgi cleared that it is not the matter of gender discrimination.

Although, army and air force allow permanent commission for women, while navy still limits them fora period of short commission i.e. SSC.
In permanent commission a person can work till retirement and can get pension benefits if he works for more than 20 years.”

Imp. Points:

Delhi HC – favored,
Rule of SSC,
Attorney Journal statement,
Air Force and Army allows – Navy not,
Permanent Commission – pension, 20 years+

UN Against IS

“UNSC passed a French sponsored resolution calling for a coordinated action to prevent further terrorist attack by IS or other related organizations.
This is 14th terrorism related resolution most powerful since 1999.
Salient Features:
– Resolution declares IS as a global threat to peace and security with council’s determination to stand against it
– Resolution asked UN members to intensify efforts to prevent and suppress finances supporting IS and other terrorist organizations
– Resolution also asked to destroy all safe heavens of IS in Iraq and Syria”

Imp. Points:

French sponsored resolution,
IS a global threat declared,
Prevent finances,
Destruction of safe heavens

Vyapam Scam

SC sought response from Centre, MP state govt. on a plea seeking removal of governor as he was involved in vyapam scam. Petition contends that a tainted governor must not be allowed to remain in such prestigious position.
Governor has a tenure of five years, but he holds office during the pleasure of President hence he can be terminated before his term by President.
In actually President of India is being advised by Prime Minister, who decides dismissal of governor on issue like corruption, bribery, violation of constitution etc.
Note: Governor resigns from his post there no provision for his/her impeachment as in the case of President of India.”

Imp. Points:

Vyapam Scam,
Demanded for removal of Governor,
Governor – No impeachment,
PM Advises PoI

Women Participation in Labor Force

    “It is awfully low in India and this gender gap is affecting full possible economic growth of India.
    Female Labour Force Participation (FLFP) fell from around 40% in 1990s to around 22.5% in 2011-12.
    Reason for such gap:
    – High income of men as a result of which women concentrate more on household activities
    Family and societal pressure on women i.e. basically old orthodox thinking that woman belong to house
    Harassment and exploitation of woman at workplace, safety concern, lack of skill among women etc.
    a. Share of women in some employment decreases as their distance increases from their workplace. Bihar and UP have the highest gender gap in employment.
    b. Also, travelling to a location not nearby consumes a lot of their time.
    Women are the untapped resource of our country which of we can utilize properly will give a lot of benefits to us.”

    Imp. Points:

    40% – 1990 TO 22.5% 2011-12,
    Reasons – Exploitation, Pressure, Long distance etc.

Drought Hit Districts of UP

50 out of 75 districts of UP has been declared drought hit which include districts which either got less than 60% rain between June-September or whose more than 33% crops are ruined based on the recommendation of natural calamity committee.
Last year it was 58 districts
Based on this reports state government has decided to suspend collections in those districts till March 31, 2016; magistrates have been ordered to make a plan to deal with this situation and government departments were directed to start relief work for the same.
– As per the guidelines of centre, state government have the right to declare any area drought hit in case it receives 75% or less of downpour w.r.t normal.

Imp. Points:

50 out of 75,
<60% or 33% crops ruined, State power to declare - 75% or less downpour

Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development, 2015

“This year prize of peace gone to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Reason for presenting this award to UNHCR are:
a. For its immense contributions in assisting refugees
b. Working hard to reduce flow of refugees even under difficult circumstances
This award was first awarded in 1986 which is basically conferred to individuals or organizations in recognition for their efforts to promote international peace, development etc. and for the one which have used scientific discoveries for the good of humanity and enlarging freedom’s scope
a. It was established in December, 1950 to help people displaced by WWII and it became principal agency for displaced people throughout the world in later decades, whose main mission is to safeguard rights and well-beings of refugees plus finding innovative solutions to the difficulties they faced.”

Imp. Points:

UNHCR – 1950 – WWII – Assisting refugees
IGPPDD – Individual or organization – 1986 – promote international peace, development

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