Feb 11 th, 2016
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Current Affairs – TADF, Enclaves, SPC, TN Floods, Makeathon, 43rd CJI, Housing For All, CCTNS Revamp, NARF, IBSA

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Technology Acquisition and Development Fund (TADF)

“It has been launched by government under National Manufacturing Policy.
Salient Features:
For facilitating acquisition of clean and green technologies by MSMEs at reasonable cost, hence enhancing their manufacturing growth being implemented by Global Innovation and Technology Alliance (GITA).
– Under the scheme financial support is being provided to MSMEs for acquiring technology via subsidies for reducing energy consumption, pollution control, water conservation etc.; resource conservation activities in industries located in NIMZ.”

Imp. Points”

Launched under NMP,
For facilitation of,
Implemented by GITA,
Financial Support to MSMEs

People From bangladesh Enclave

First batch of people from Indian enclaves from Bangladesh has been arrived in Cooch Bihar (WB), these people were greeted at border check-post of Changrabandha.

Land Boundary Agreement:
– It was signed between India and Bangladesh inn July, 2015
– Under the agreement 17,000 acres of land under 51 enclaves has been transferred to bangladesh against 7,000 acreas and 111 enclaves of India
– The enclaves were in WB, Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya and for making it happened 119th amendment was passed ratified by 2/3rd majority of both the houses
Not even a single person from bangladesh’s enclave in India decided to go to Bangladesh.”

Imp. Points”

First batch – From Bangladesh – Cooch Bihar ( WB) – Border check post of Changrabandha,
July 2015,
17000 – 51 : Bangladesh TO 7000 – 111 : India,
Where were Bangladesh enclaves were actually situated?
119th Amendment – both houses 2/3rd majority

Seventh Pay Commission

“The commission was headed by Justice A.K.Mathur which have submitted their report recently to Finance Ministry.
23.55% hike in pay, allowances and pensions of government employees; Minimum pay recommended is Rs. 18,000
Annual increment: 3%;
OROP for civilian government employees as well like that for armed forces
Military Service Pay (MSP) for defence forces personnel only
Short Service commissioned officers can leave armed forces service any time between 7-10 years
Retirement age for central government employees to be 60 years
Implications if implemented:
– Ratio of expenditure to GDP will increase by 0.65%
Salary hikes will increase sales of homes and consumer durables, hence will increase demand in the economy
– Total 47 lakh serving government employees and 52 lakh pensioners will be affected by it”

Imp. Points”

AK Mathur,
23.55%, 18000, OROP, 3%, SSC : 7-10 yrs, Retirement – 60 yrs
Implications – e/gdp up by 0.65%, Inflation, 47 lac employees and 52 lac pensioners

Tamil Nadu Floods

Due to low pressure over bay of Bengal TN, Sri Lanka and Andhra Pradesh has faced heavy amount of rain.
TN faces 1-2 disasters every year but still government never remained unprepared for it. It shows the flaws in urban planning real estate policy, water management etc.
Reasons for Flooding:
– Poor drainage, waste clogging, poor water management, widespread encrochments, unchecked real estate issues etc.
Measures to check floods:
– Inter-linked drainage systems, releasing excess water in oceans
– Avoid settlements near to rivers i.e. they must be planned away from their natural course
– Desilting of drains and water channels before monsoon
– Innovative practices must be used from time to time
– Better and efficient planning techniques i.e. taking proactive measures, learning from other countries about the best practices with successful track record.”

Imp. Points”

Low pressure over Bay-of-Bengal – TN, SL and AP
Reasons for flooding,
Measures to check floods

Enable Makeathon by MoSJ&E

MoSJ&E partnered with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for Makeathon.
Salient Features of Enable Makeathon:
a. It was initiated by ICRC for creating new kind of devices for persons with disabilities residing in rural areas around the world in collaboration between government, private sector and academia
b. It will be a 60 day program after which using technology and design experts some prototypes for PWD will be developed

Imp. Points”

MoSJ&E partnered with ICRC – Makeathon – PWDs – 60 day program

New CJI of India

According, to the provisions of Article#124 of Constitution of India President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee has appointed Justice Tirath Singh Thakur as the 43rd and next Chief Justice of India.

Imp. Points”

Article#124 – PoI appointed – 43rd CJI – TS Thakur

Housing for All Mission

MoH&UPA approved construction of 2,28,000 houses under the scheme for urban poor in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, TN, Guj and Rajasthan.
Under the scheme it is planned to construct around 2 crore houses by 2022.
Salient Features:
– Constructed houses will be allotted either on the name of female member of household or to the man and his wife
– A sub-mission under it for making modern, innovative, green technology, disaster resistant, environmental friendly etc. houses;
States have the flexibility to choose the best possible options to meet their demands of housing”

Imp. Points”

Construction approved by MoH&UPA,
2 crore houses by 2022
Allotment rules,

Revamp of CCTNS

“This revamp of Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems has been proposed by MHA and approved by CCEA to implement Integrated criminal justice system (ICJS) by integrating CCTNS with e-courts.
a. Quick data transfer among different justice system, hence decrease in its processing time
b. Beneficial for citizens as a number of services will be done through citizen portal and so police-citizen interface will improve
Salient Features of CCTNS:
– It was initiated in 2009 with an aim to for to create an effective network for efficient and effective policing with the help of e-governance and creation of nationwide IT based infrastructure
– It is implemented under National e-Governance Plan
– It is basically increasing the use of e-services in as maximum number of services related to police as possible
Central and state level citizen portal for providing friendly services to citizens like related to passport verification, online tracking of cases etc.
– It also include provision for pan India criminal search in regional language for improved tracking of criminals”

Imp. Points”

Proposed by MHA, Approved by CCEA, To implement ICJS, integrating CCTNS with e-courts,
Quick data tranfer, imporved citizen-police interface,
CCTNS – estd. in 2009, for effective and efficient policing, implemented under NeGP, Portals, Pan India criminal search

National Resource Facility for Bio-Medical Research (NARF)

“It has been proposed by Dept. of Health Research from MoH&FW, which has now been approved will be set up in Genome Valley, Hyderabad by ICMR.
Salient Features:

a. It is first of its kind laboratory for basic and applied bio-medical research related to animals in the country
b. It will become a world class facility for breeding and housing of various species like primates, rodents etc. important from research point of view
c. It will also provide training to personnel in specialized areas related to bio-medical research field”

Imp. Points”

Proposed by DoHR from MoH&FW – Genome Valley, Hyderabad – Set up by ICMR
First of it’s kind – basic and applied research on animals
Personalized training

Tripartite Agreement for IBSA Fund

“It is between India, Brazil and South Africa for alleviation of poverty and hunger. This fund is unique in the context of south-south cooperation.
Salient Features of the Fund:
a. It was set up in 2004 and is one of the three pillars of cooperation between three IBSA with other two are consultation and coordination.
b. Fund is basically for development projects, with each IBSA contributing USD 1 mn each
This IBSA dialogue forum was launched in June 2003 is a forum of cooperation between India, Brazil and South Africa the three emerging economies of the world.”

Imp. Points”

IBSA – alleviating poverty and hunger – set up in 2004 – for development projects
IBSA dialogue forum – June 2003 – forum of cooperation

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