Feb 5 th, 2016
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4-February – Shorthand Notes – Current Affairs


Better Planning for targeting DBT

Government planning various ways to implement DBT > DBT is a system for welfare scheme benefits, subsidies etc. to reduce leakages, corruption, better targeting etc. > plan to make a unified national database of beneficiaries – with all details, updated in real time etc. > JAM has several issues that’s why new scheme > plan to create a network of 2 million cash points to give poor’s benefit in cash form

President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh

Hasty imposition of President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh > Governor is not answerable to any court for the exercise of his office powers > Governor also accused Tuki of instigating Nyishi tribe for protest against him > But governor’s mostly acts as agents of centre, exploiting their power etc. > Art#356 – President on the advise of the governor can dissolve state govt. and council of ministers for imposing president’ rule

PIOs, NRIs and India’s concern

In 2015 there are about 11 mn NRIs and 17 mn PIOs > largest being in Gulf, US, UK etc. > Govt. reacts differently to both NRI and PIO, but they are more concerned about NRIs > govt. has to remain in limit by engaging itself for rights of NRIs, because they have faced resistances from other countries govt. while taking side of their own citizens in other countries > In future help of external intelligence will be of much help towards gathering and analyzing information relating to threat to Indian diaspora

5 Years of RTE but Still a Long Way to go

5 years of RTE, Kerala 1st with 100% primary education, UP only 12 out of 75 districts allow admission of disadvantaged groups into private schools > discrimination, overcrowding and poor quality of education are concerns > act mandates 25% seats reservation for disadvantaged groups > expert opinion that distributive justice and quality should be parameters of universalizing education > data shows that SCs and STs dropouts are higher >

Proposal to identify Sex of Unborn Child

A proposal to identify sex of unborn child and register it with government authority for proper monitoring of child’s birth > but it is illegal under PCPNDT Act to disclose foetal status and might expose women pressure from family for abortion > need if of socio-cultural changes

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Malnutrition Problem In India

Malnutrition is both under as well as over nutrition > stunting means lack of proper growth and waster means ow weight for height > hunger and malnutrition are two targets under SDGs to be achieved by 2030 i.e. 40% reduction in under 5 stunted children and 30% reduction in low birth weight > India also didn’t achieved target under SDGs

India-Thailand Need of Maritime Cooperation

India-Thailand looking at collaboration on maritime cooperation for ensuring free connectivity and navigation > ongoing increasing presence of China and its dispute with other South Asian countries an issue > India and Thailand to hold naval exercise in Andaman Sea

Indian Pharma Company In Advanced Stage to Develop Vaccine for Zika Virus

After global emergency being declared related to Zika virus, Bharat Biotech an Indian company is in the advanced stage to develop vaccine for Zika virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes and bodily fluids > they were the ones to develop vaccine for Chikunguniya as well > they are seeking NaMo help in expediting regulatory clearances

RBI’s no Change in Repo Rate

RBI didn’t made any changes to it’s repo rate saying that they are waiting for fiscal policy action to be presented on 29th-Feb-2016 in Union Budget > saying that any rate cut right now can be counter productive

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