Feb 20 th, 2016
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Objective Questions + Shorthand Notes – 18 February – Current Affairs


Objective Questions

1 Ukkarsh bangla scheme launched by West Bengal government for
2 Why union goervnement has cut interest rate on small post office schemes by 0.25%
3 Do social security schemes are also included in interest rate cut by government
4 What is limit below which tenure the interest rate cut will be valid
5 SBI opened desk for which country in New Delhi fro improved investment in India
6 Maiden Maritime India summit to be held in
7 Maiden Maritime India summit will be organized by and what is it’s main focus
8 Which is the partner country in maritime summit with India
9 Renowned Malayalam writer known for creation of new genre in Malyalam who passed away recetly
10 Renowed indologist chosen for Israel Prize i.e. Israel’s highest honour
11 Date on which Israel’s independence day celebrated
12 trade Facilitation Agreement recetly approved by Union government is the outcome of
13 Environment Information System (ENVIS) launched recetly by government if for
14 ASTRO-H satellite recetly launched by
15 Purpose of ASTRO-H missile
16 why x-rays emanated from balck holes are not detected on earth
17 Full form of LIGO
18 For LIGO which country is going to supply hardware and technology to India


1 providing vocational training to scholl dropouts
2 to align interest rates on small savings with market rates and help the economy move to a lower overall interest rate regime eventually
3 No
4 5 years
5 Japan
6 April, 2016 in Mumbai
7 By Ministry of Shipping with focus on Make in India and Blue Economy
8 South Korea
9 Akbar Kakkattil
10 David Shulman
11 14-May
12 WTO’s 9th Bali ministerial package, 2013
13 integrating country wide efforts related to information collection of environment and improvement in digital literacy and is implemented by MOEFCC since 1982
14 Japan
15 Study of x-rays emanating from balck holes
16 it gets absorbed by atmosphere
17 Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory to be established in India
18 US

Union Cabinet gives approves Trade Facilitation Agreement

Cabinet approved proposal to notify TFA of WTO > in consonance with ease of doing business initiative > for implementation and domestic coordination cabinet decided to constitute national Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF) which will be set up under of Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Department of Revenue and Secretary, Department of Commerce > TFA aims to simplify customs regulations for cross-border movement of goods > outcome of WTO’s 9th Bali ministerial package, 2013 > provisions > lowering import tariffs and agricultural subsidies, abolishing hard import quotas by developed countries, reduction in red-tapism etc. > Benefits – may create USD 1 trillion worth economic activity, 21 million new jobs, lowering cost of doing international trade by 10-15% > earlier Indian government refused to sign it because of concerns about public stockholding for food security, but now WTO has agreed to amend Bali agreement, providing India an indefinite reprieve on food stockholding

Government launched ENVIS portal

Environment Information System (ENVIS) portal and mobile application has been launched by Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar > runs parallel with objectives of Digital India > for improving digital literacy in environment sector and delivering services digitally > ENVIS is a scheme of MOEFCC implemented since 1982 > purpose of scheme is to integrate country wide efforts related to environment related information > 69 centres overall, 29 under environmental departments and remaining 40 under NSGs and other government departments

Japan launches ASTRO-H satellite to study black holes

Japan launched ASTRO-H satellite to study black holes > launched by H2A rocket from Tanegashima Space Centre > developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in cooperation with NASA and others > orbit around 580 kms > will observe X-rays emanating from black holes and galaxy clusters which cannot be detected on earth because our atmosphere absorbs it > cylindrical, 14 m long, 2.7 tonnes in weight, heaviest till now of Japan

Union Cabinet gives nod to LIGO-India mega science proposal

Cabinet approved LIGO-India project (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory in India) > purpose – for research on gravitational waves > project piloted by DAE and DST > will establish state-of-the-art Gravitational Wave Observatory in India in collaboration with US based LIGO lab run by Caltech and MIT > will improve India’s rank in global leadership in astronomical related research > India will construct 8 km long beam tube ultra-high vacuum of observatory on a levelled terrain > US will provide hardware and technology while India will construct and operate it

Union Government launches Website for maiden Maritime India Summit

Website has been launched for maiden Maritime India Summit 2016 > will held in April 2016 > launched by Union Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari > for facilitating access to information to various investors, participants etc. about summit > Summit will held in Mumbai > will be organised by Ministry of Shipping > more than 50 maritime nations invited > main focus on Make in India and Blue economy > South Korea partner country for summit

Renowned Malayalam writer Akbar Kakkattil passes away

Renowned Malayalam writer Akbar Kakkattil passed away in Kozhikode, Kerala due to cancer > was 62 > known for new genre in Malyalam literature > known for their unique narrative style > started creative writing when he was 14 > published 54 books > VP of Kerala Sahitya Akademi > member of Malayalam Advisory Panel of National Book Trust (NBT) and Malayalam Advisory Board

Renowned Indologist David Shulman awarded Israel Prize

Renowned Indologist Professor David Shulman > selected for prestigious Israel Prize > for breakthrough in fields like philosophy and religion > chosen because of his studies in religion, literature, culture etc. > currently teaching Hebrew language in Jerusalem > Israel’s highest honour presented annually on Independence Day (May 14) > for people with achieved excellence in their fields or have contributed strongly to Israeli culture

West Bengal government launches Utkarsh Bangla Scheme

West Bengal – Utkarsh bangle Scheme > aim – providing vocational training to school dropouts > training to school dropouts – 400-1200 hours free > vocations includes – driving, tailoring, repairing television etc. > certificates after completion will be provided > Nodal agency for implementation – state Vocational Education Department > syllabus in line with National Vocational Education Qualification Framework.

Union Government cuts interest rate on small post office schemes by 0.25%

0.25% interest rate cut on short-term (i.e. <5 year) small saving schemes like kisan vikas patras, post office deposits > Reason – aling interest rates with market rates and lower overall interest rate regime > these schemes uptil now were earning higher interest rates > social security schemes like Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana were left out ? EPF rate was increased by 0.05% to 8.8% earlier last year

SBI opens Japan Desk in New Delhi

SBI opened Japan desk in New Delhi > for inbound Japanese investments in India > first of it’s kind > will facilitate Japanese corporate investment in India > will serve as one-point comprehensive and reliable information support for Japanese companies willing to invest in India > also facilitating in establishing banking relationship with Japanese corporates

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