Jan 31 st, 2016
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14 ENVIRONMENT Related Short-Hand Notes (2 Mins) Revision Current Affairs – Part V


• India-Pak border > Jaisalmer lighted with solar power > set up by SECI

• China > building world’s largest cloning factory > increasing beef demand accommodation, sniffer dogs etc.

• Railway Chair on Sustainable Mobility at TERI, New Delhi > research on various aspects like green energy efficient technology etc.

• BSV and BSVI rolled out from Apr-2019 and Apr-2021 – notification by MRTH as per Auto Fuel Policy, 2003 > BSI-2000, BSII-2005, BSIII-2010, BSIV-2015

• Jharkhand, KH, UP declared themselves drought hit

• Dec 10: Human Rights Day > 1948 UN adopted Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

• Dec 1: World AIDS day > 1987 WHO awareness ill-effects disease and remember those who died of it

• Dec 3: International Day of persons with disabilities > to understand their issues, dignity, mobilize support for their rights etc. > 1 bn suffering

• Himachal Pradesh > 1st to launch rotavirus vaccination project > under universal immunization programme > caused by RNA virus > spread by bacterial and parasiting agents > moderate to severe diarrhoea less than 11 months children > cell damage small intestine and gastroenteritis
• SW railway > HQ Hubli > 5% blending in high speed diesel

• World Bank > Transformative Carbon Asset Facility (TCAF) > $500 mn > combat climate change > reward per tonnes CO2 emission reduced > helping for INDCs

• Scientists > genetically modified malaria causing mosquitoes Anopheles gambiae > major carrier of malaria parasites > using gene drive technology >

• IISc bangalore > US military award for R&D on solar powered micro-grid with battery and super capacitor energy storage system – estd 1909 support of Jamshetji Tata

• India-Uk MoU > focusing on int renewable energy grid > distribution and supply of electricity > improving vehicular and industrial energy efficiency > smart grids > similar MoU b/w India and Indonesia

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