Mar 16 th, 2016
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137 Questions and Answers from “3rd – 15th” MARCH

3 to 15 March

Q1. Which ministry has given nod for issuance of UDAY bonds to four states and which four states are we talking about here?
Answer: By Union Finance Ministry and the four states we are talking about are UP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh.

Q2. Why these four states are named?
Answer: Because they account for around 35% of total Rs. 4.3 lakh crore total debt of discoms

Q3. What is going to happen under this UDAY scheme?
Answer: State governments will take over 75% of power DISCOMs debt by issuing bonds and remaining 25% by discoms again by issuing bonds.

Q4. Rank of India in recent Global Energy Architecture Performance Index (GEAPI) report and who compiled this report?
Answer: India ranked 90th out of 126 and the report is being compiled by WEF

Q5. In the last decade world energy production has been increased by what amount?
Answer: 3,200 million tonnes of oil equivalent, with Asia accounted for around 35% of the world fuel trades in 2014

Q6. GEAPI report is based on what dimensions?
Answer: Three dimensions i.e. affordability, security, environmental sustainability and access.

Q7. Recently, Union government has approved winding up of which council and why?
Answer: National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) because it has fulfilled it’s mandate i.e. the purpose for which it was formed

Q8. Decision to wind up is being taken by which committee?
Answer: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) (CCEA is being chaired by PM NaMo)

Q9. When was NMCC was formed and why?
Answer: It was formed in 2004 as part of Common Minimum Programme (CMP) to provide continuing forum for policy dialogue and to energize and sustain growth of manufacturing industry for which it had even performed various study in consultation with several departments and ministries.

Q10. Recently, government has signed an agreement of what worth and for which state’s higher education quality improvement?
Answer: It’s $300 mn credit agreement for Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Quality Improvement (MPHEQIP)

Q11. Which organisation has given this credit for MPHEQIP?
Answer: International Development Associtation (IDA), the World Bank’s concessionary lending arm

Q12. Objective of MPHEQIP?
Answer: i. Improve student outcomes,
ii. Improving effectiveness of the Higher Education System in MP

Q13. What are the components of this MPHEQIP program?
Answer: Granting support to higher education institutions, improving system management and some state level initiatives, with equitable access to education etc.

Q14. UNSC has recently imposed toughest sanctions against which country and why?
Answer: Against, North Korea in response to it’s fourth nuclear test and rocket launch, the decision in this regard has been taken by 15-member council of council

Q15. What kind of bans are actually imposed?
Answer: Ban on fuel export, iron ore etc.; Freezing assets of companies linked in missile and nuclear programs etc.

Q16. What is the purpose of recently launched Setu Bharatam Project by PM NaMo?
Answer: To make all national highways of India free of rail crossings by 2019 by either building rail over bridges (ROB) or underpasses

Q17. The Setu Bharatam Project will be implemented by?
Answer: Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Q18. Which conference recently held in New Delhi dedicated to women?
Answer: Women Legislators: Building Resurgent India which had been inaugurated by President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee

Q19. Purpose of this Women Legislator conference?
Answer: i. A platform for women working in judiciary and as bureaucrats or politicians to interact with their counterparts
ii. Equip them with latest knowledge, motivating them and guiding them as agents of socio-economic progress

Q20. Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has adopted which village during second phase of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY)?
Answer: Nagepur village in Varanasi constituency and earlier in first phase he adopted Jayapur village. Nagepur is mainly dominated by backward castes people

Q21: Purpose of SAGY?
Answer: Encouraging MP’s to adopt one village in their constituency to develop as model village, who will be responsible for it’s socio-economic and physical infrastructure development by using existing schemes and improvising some new depending on the local situation.

Q22. Which online marketing platform has been launched by Union Government recently and for whom?
Answer: Mahila E-HAAT for women entrepreneurs by Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi

Q23.: Purpose of this E-HAAT platform?
Answer: To facilitate women entrepreneurs to sell their products to buyers online and is a part of Union Government’s flagship ‘Digital India’ and ‘Stand Up India’ initiatives and helping in their financial inclusion

Q24. Mahile E-HAAT is an initiative of?
Answer: Jointly of Union Women and Child Development Ministry and Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK), which will help around 10000 SHGs and 1.25 lakh women

Q25. Which country is going to develop three cities in India as smart cities and which are those three cities?
Answer: Germany is going to develop Kochi (Kerala), Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) and Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) under India’s ambitious Smart City Initiative

Q26. Which countries are 1st and 2nd largest bilateral donor to India?
Answer: Japan (1st) and Germany (2nd) with 1.5 bn Euros agreed in 2015

Q27. What’s the progress in India’s ambitious bullet train project?
Answer: India has formed a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to construct high speed bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad to reduce the journey time from current 7 hours to 2 hours in future, using this high speed bullet train with speed averages around 320-350 km/h

Q28. Source of funding for this project?
Answer: 81% of the funding by way of loan from Japan with Indian railways holding 50% of equity in SPV

Q29. Which is being known as the national Carrier of India?
Answer: Air India

Q30. What special initiative Air India took during this women’s day?
Answer: Flying an all women crew plane non-stop from New Delhi to San Francisco under the command of Kshamta Bajpayee and Shubhangi Singh

Q31. With which country has India expressed keenness recently for improving ties to strategic level?
Answer: Saudi Arabia in key areas of trade, security and counter terrorism with India seeking support for it’s draft Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT)

Q32. India’s largest crude oil supplier?
Answer: Saudi Arabia with almost one-fifth of country’s imports

Q33. Importance of gulf nations for India?
Answer: They are 4th largest trading partner of India with almost bilateral trade of around $40 bn

Q34. How many Indians are currently working in Saudi Arabia?
Answer: Around 2.96 million

Q35. Union government has recently decided to withdraw it’s proposal to tax which particular fund?
Answer: Employee Provident Fund (EPF) withdrawals, while National pension Scheme (NPS) withdrawals will be taxed.

Q36. Earlier, in budget why it was decided to tax EPF and NPS?
Answer: Earlier, in budget it was decided to tax both NPS and EPF withdrawals, with 60% of amount deposited in EPF will be charged at the time of withdrawal except in case it gets re-invested in pension of annuity fund.

Q37. Why such taxing provision was made?
Answer: To create a pensioned society especially among private sector employees with no pension provision

Q38. How many country are going to participate in first-ever Maritime India Summit, 2016?
Answer: 57 countries which is going to be held in Mumbai and will be organised by Union Ministry of Shipping

Q39. Main focus of this Maritime India Summit 2016?
Answer: To give impetus to Make in India and blue economy.

Q40. Recently, India signed a second line of credit (LOC) agreement with which country and for what amount?
Answer: With Bangladesh for 2 billion dollars which will be provided through Export Import Bank of India (Exim bank) for various infrastructural development projects in Bangladesh

Q41. Which is being known as the external lending arm of India?
Answer: Export Import Bank of India (Exim Bank)

Q42. With which country has India signed a MoU for technical cooperation in cyber space and combating cyber-crime?
Answer: UAE in the wake of serious security threat posed by these activities to the safety of people for which both country will coordinate and exchange information

Q43. Which will be the nodal agency for implementation of this agreement from India’s side?
Answer: Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

Q44. Recently, government has given approval for ratification of which convention?
Answer: Bay of Bengal Initiative on Multi Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters

Q45. How many countries are involved in BIMSTEC?
Answer: seven countries that lies in South Asian and South East Asia i.e. India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka (from South Asia) and Myanmar, Thailand (from South East Asia), estd in 1997 and is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Q46. Objective and benefits of BIMSTEC?
Answer: Enhanced technological and economical cooperation plus effective cooperation in control of criminal activities

Q47. Aim of project Mausam launched in June, 2014?
Answer: To explore multi-faceted Indian ocean world for archaeological and historical research to document diversity of India Ocean and not to counter China’ Silk Route strategy

Q48. When was Project Mausam launched?
Answer: At 38th Session of World Heritage Committee (WHC) in June 2014

Q49. Who initiated and which is the implementing agency of Project mausam?
Answer: Union Ministry of Culture initiated it and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is it’s nodal agency with Indira Gandhi national Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) and National Museum will be associate bodies for research support

Q50. Which fellowship has been recently launched by India in collaboration with some other country on the name of former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul kalam?
Answer: Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship with USA to sponsor up to 6 Indian PhD students to work with US institutions as part of commitment made by POTUS Barack Obama and PM NaMo for building long-term capacity to address climate change and related issues in both the countries

Q51. Which ministry has renamed recently LED based Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP)?
Answer: Union Power Ministry has renamed recently LED based DELP as UJALA i.e. Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All. This programme was launched in January 2015 for energy conservation by reducing energy consumption, which is going to replace 77 crore incandescent lamps with LED bulbs

Q52. Which agency is implementing this LED DELP?
Answer: Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and this initiative is part of governments efforts to spread message of energy efficiency.

Q53. Benefits of LED lights?
Answer: They are more energy efficient and has almost 50 times more life than ordinary bulbs an 8-10 times more than conventional CFLs

Q54. To which country India is going to supply meter-gauge diesel-electric locomotives?
Answer: India is going to supply 18 meter-gauge diesel-electric locomotives to Myanmar to improve it’s railway transportation system, for which finding will covered under existing line of credit by India and for this contract has been signed by RITES (PSE under Union Ministry of Railways) and these locomotives will be manufactured by Varanasi based Diesel Locomotive Works.

Q55. Which organization has recently started new initiative ‘Women Transforming India’ and why?
Answer: On the eve of International Women’s Day, NITI Aayog in partnership with UN and MyGov has launched ‘Women Transforming India’ initiative to directly engage women leaders from across urban and rural areas of India for furthering the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) which has gender as one of the goal.

Q56. Recent initiative launched by Railway Ministry to keep train coaches clean?
Answer: Online Clean My Coach service which can be accessed using web page or android app or by simply sending a message on mobile number 58888, based on code sent to passenger.

Q57. Which nuclear power plant is recently shut down and why?
Answer: Kakrapar nuclear power plant in Gujarat due to leakage of heavy water i.e. in the primary heat transport system

Q58. Which organization is the operator of this plant?
Answer: Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL)

Q59. What’s the purpose of using heavy water (D2O) in nuclear reactor?
Answer: It is being used as coolant in Pressurised Heavy water Reactor (PHWR) which is currently in use in Kakrapar, Gujarat

Q60. First organization to formally adopt UN’s SDGs are?
Answer: India Inc at 11th national Convention on SDGs organized by Global Compact Network in Mumbai

Q61. What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
Answer: They are successor of MDGs which had 8 goals and were adopted in 2000 for 15 years.

Q62. Important points related to SDGs.
Answer: They were adopted for period from 2015-2030 with 17 non-binding goals with 169 specific targets comprising different socio-economic issues.

Q63. Union government has recently fixed price for which seeds and why?
Answer: For Bt Cotton seeds as per Cotton Seed Price (Control) Order, 2015 under the Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, because MNCs largely control Bt Cotton seed market in India and hence charges exorbitant prices for the same

Q64. What’s Bt Cotton?
Answer: It’s basically a genetically modified organism cotton variety capable of producing an insecticide to bollworm, which becomes possible because of gene coding technique in which Bt Toxin is being introduced as transgene as natural insecticide in Cotton tissues.

Q65. First state/UT of the country which has launched first Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine?
Answer: Delhi as a public health programme for school children which will be completed in two phases

Q66. Salient features of Human Papillomavirum
Answer: it is being caused by papillomavirus family, is a DNA virus, is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that causes genital warts and cervical cancer
– Can be prevented through routine screening and vaccines

Q67. What is the importance of recently passed UP Revenue Code (Amendment) Bill, 2016?
Answer: It now allows selling of land by a dalit to non-dalits in the state without approval of administration even if their remaining land holding is less than 3.5 acres, better legislation related to leasing, empowerment of rural women for equal rights, judicial cadre to end disputes in cases of partnership etc.

Q68. Which state has recently organized it’s Global Investor’s Summit?
Answer: Haryana which has signed 11 MoUs with a total investment of Rs. 18,159 crores during 1st day

Q69. Which two countries has inked MoU for irrigation projects and along which rivers?
Answer. Telangana and Maharashtra across 5 barrages on Godavari and Pen Ganga rivers

Q70. What are these 5 barrages and their importance?
Answer: Maharashtra will construct Penpahad and Rajapet barrages;
– While Telangana will take up construction of Chanak-Korata across Penganga River, Thammidihatti barrage (148 meters height) in Adilabad district across Pranahita a tributary to Godavari and Medigadda barrage (102 meters) in Karimnagar district across Godavari
Importance: It will end decade old discord between two states on utilization of water in the river Godavari and it’s tributaries

Q71. Which state recently launched scheme for road accident victims and why?
Answer: Karnatka with the name of the scheme is Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana for free treatment to accident victims for the first 48 hours in nearest government or private hospital of upto Rs. 25K irrespective of financial status or nationality.

Q72. On whose name is Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana for free treatment to accident victims is named?
Answer: After Harish Nanjappa who died after severely injured in mishap in Feb, 2016 and donated his eyes moments before his death.

Q72. Currently, PM NaMo inaugurated three new railway bridges in which state and across which river and why?
Answer: Across Ganga, in Bihar because currently only three bridges are there which hinders the development of Bihar because of inadequate number of bridges across Ganga river across it’s 460 km of length in Bihar.
These three new bridges are:
i. Rail-cum-road bridge at Patna over the River Ganga
ii. Rail-cum-road bridge at Munger
iii. Additional bridge at Mokama over the River Ganga

Q73. Which High Court has recently celebrated it’s 150th foundation year?
Answer: Allahabad High Court which was established in 1866 after it’s seat has been shifted from Agra to Allahabad in 1869. Initially it was known as High Court of Judicature for the NWFP and renamed as Allahabad HC in 1919

Q74. History of Allahabad High Court.
Answer: It is the 4th oldest HC of India after Calcutta, Madras and Bombay established under Indian High Courts Act of 1861 and is currently highest judicial body of UP.

Q75. What is the importance of Air Amendment Bill, 2015?
Answer: It has been passed by Air (Amendment) Bill, 2015 to empower Union government to revise limits of liability for airlines and compensation as per the Montreal Convention
Montreal Convention, 1999 establishes airline liability in case of injury, death or delay to passengers

Q76. Article of constitution under which assent of President is necessary for a bill to become a law.
Answer: Article#111

Q77. What amendments are being proposed to Enemy Property Act, 1968?
Answer: The new bill is Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016 which proposes that once an enemy property is vested to the custodian it shall continue to be vested in him and shall not revert back to enemy subject or enemy firm due to reasons such as death of subject or firm ceased to function

Q78. What is the purpose of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2015?
Answer: – Creating a uniform regulatory mechanism
– Enhancing growth of construction sector
– Protecting interests of consumers and curb the malpractices in real estate sector
– Bringing transparency and accountability in the real estate sector
– Establishing Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and Real Estate Appellate Tribunals (REAT) to settle disputes
– 70% amount collected from buyer to be maintained in a separate account

Q79. What’s the purpose Aadhaar (target Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Bill, 2016?
Answer: It was introduced as money bill, aimed at giving statutory backing for transferring government subsidies and benefits to targeted people by assigning them Aadhaar numbers i.e. basically plugging the leakages
– People have to submit demographic and biometric details for Aadhaar card

Q80. From which country is India going to acquire two Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) surveillance aircrafts and which committee has cleared this proposal?
Answer: From Israel India is going to purchase two AWACS surveillance aircrafts and Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) has cleared this proposal

Q81. What is so special about AWACS surveillance aircrafts India had acquired from Israel?
Answer: Advanced radars mounted on them which give an ability to see deep inside enemy territory and 360 degree coverage to detect incoming aircraft and missiles at long ranges

Q82. Garuda Shakti Joint military training exercise is conducted between?
Answer: It’s a Joint Training exercise being conducted between India and Indonesia, recently started in Magelang in Indonesia. It was it’s 4th edition

Q83. Aim of Joint Training exercise Garuda Shakti held between India and Indonesia?
Answer: i. Building and promoting positive relations between armies of both countries
ii. Enhancing their abilities for joint tactical level operations in counter insurgency environment

Q84. Characteristics of Agni-I ballistic missile
Answer: – Surface to Surface nuclear capable ballistic missile
– Range: 700-1250 kms
It was first trialed in 1989 and last user trail was conducted in November 2015 from Dr. Abdul Kalam Wheeler Island Off the Odisha coast

Q85. Which is the world’s most expensive station?
Answer: World’s most expensive train station is being opened at the 9/11 site in new York, United States and named as World Trade Center Transportation Hub built next to site of Twin Towers which were destroyed in 2001 attacks at a cost of USD 3.85 bn.

Q86. Chapchar Kut is the traditional dance festival of?
Answer: Of Mizos and is being celebrated across the NE states inhabited by Mizo people, celebrated every year in the month of March after completion of their Jhum operation

Q87. Some popular mizo dances are
Answer: Cheraw, Chheihlam, Sarlamkai and Khuallam

Q88. When Chapchar Kut festival was started and where?
Answer: It was started in 1450-1700 AD in a village called Suaipui

Q89. Which states tourism campaign has won the Golden City Gate Award and what is so special about this award?
Answer: Kerala’s tourism campaign ‘New Worlds’ has won the prestigious Golden City gate Award at Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin (ITB-Berlin) 2016, which is also called as the Oscar of tourism communication. This award is awarded every year for the ultimate recognition in global tourism communication at the ITB-Berlin the world’s leading travel trade show.

Q90. Which spin bowler recently suspended over illegal bowling action?
Answer: South African spinner Aaron Phangiso after ICC’s panel of Human Movement Specialists founded that his bowling deliveries exceeded 15 degrees level of tolerance permitted under ICC regulations
ICC accredited laboratory at the University of Pretoria’s High-Performance Centre reported this foul action for test.

Q91. Which team has won the CK Nayudu Trophy 2015-16 and why it is named so?
Answer: Mumbai U-23 team has won the CK Nayudu Trophy 2015-16 and is named after country’s first test captain Col. Cottari Kanakaiya Nayudu

Q92. Who is being promoted as international outdoor empire for Hockey and by whom?
Answer: Nepoleon Singh who started his career as umpire from Manipur is recently promoted as international umpire by international Hickey Federation (FIH) because of his performance in recently held 12th South Asian Games 2016 held at Guwahati, Assam.

Q93. Which team has won the 3rd season of Pro Kabaddi League?
Answer: Patna pirates has won the 3rd season of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). PKL is a professional Kabaddi league based on the format of IPL T20 Cricket tournament and is managed by Mashal Sports.

Q94. Which team has won the 2016 Asia Cup T20 trophy?
Answer: India has won the 13th edition of Asia Cup and made a record by winning the series for 6th time. This year it was first time that this series was played using the T20 format.

Q95. Which tennis player recently suspended after failing drugs test?
Answer: Maria Sharapova from Russia has been suspended after she failed a drug test at the Australian Open because she was found positive for meldonium a substance that has been added in the forbidden list by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which she is taking since 2006 for health issues. She is currently ranked World No.7 by Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

Q96. Which team has won the Irani Cup Cricket title?
Answer: Rest of India team has won this year’s Irani Cup Cricket title. The Irani cup was started in 1959-60 to mark the completion of 25 years of Ranji Trophy championship named after late Zal R Irani, who remained associated with BCCI since it’s inception in 1928 and was long time treasurer of the BCCI.

Q97. Which player has won the All England badminton title 2016?
Answer: Lin Dan from China has won this year’s All England Badminton Title 2016 which is one of the oldest as well as prestigious badminton tournaments of the world started way back in 1898 n Guildford

Q98. Who is being selected for 11th META Lifetime Achievement Award?
Answer: Ratan Thiyam has been selected for 11th Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) this year for creating a new language in theatre. This award was instituted in the year 2006 by Mahindra Group and Teamworks Arts Pvt. Ltd aimed at theatre groups from every corner of the nation, to provide them the theatre groups a platform and showcasing their excellence in the art form on one stage.

Q99. Who has been selected for the 47th Dadasaheb Phalke Award, 2015?
Answer: Manoj Kumar has been selected for 2015 Dadasaheb Phalke Award, 2015. This award is being conferred by Union Government on person for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Indian cinema, established in 1969 to commemorate birth centenary year of father of Indian Cinema Dadasaheb Phalke and is the highest official recognition (award) in Indian cinema.

Q100. Who has been awarded with the 2015 Krutitava Smagra Samman?
Answer: Renowned Dogri poetess and writer Padma Sachdev has been awarded witht his prestigious Smagra Samman for the year 2015 for her outstanding contribution in literature and freat service to Dogri language. This award has been awarded by Kolkata based Bharatiya’s Bhasha Parishad.

Q101. Salient features of Dogri Language.
Answer: – It is an Indo-aryan language spoken in India and Pakistan
– People speaking this language is being called as Dogras and region where it is being spoken is called as Duggar
– It is one of the 22 official languages mentioned in the 8th schedule of constitution inserted by 92nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 2003 alongwith Maithili, Santhali and Bodo
– It is chiefly spoken in states like J&K, HP and Northern Punjab

Q102. Who is being conferred with the Mahindra Lifetime Achievement Award, 2016?
Answer: Dr. Amrita Patel has been conferred with prestigious 2016 Mahindra Samriddhi India Agri Lifetime Acheiement Award also known as Krishi Shiromani Samman, for her contribution in the field of agriculture and also she had a pivotal role in the implementation of NDDB’s operation flood which is world’s biggest dairy development program which transformed India from a milk-deficient to world’s largest milk producer by surpassing USA in 1998 and has transformed the lives of million of marginalized small farmers and milk producers.

Q103. Who has won the 2016 Global Teacher award?
Answer: Palestinian teacher Hanan Al Hroub has won the 2016 Global Teacher Award. She uns Samiha High School in Al-Bireh, Palestine and follows specialist approach in teaching which led to decline in violent behavior in schools and inspired her colleagues as well.
Global Teacher Prize is being conferred every year for one exceptional teacher for their outstanding contribution to the profession and was set up bu Sunny Varkey, a Kerala born entrepreneur and educational philanthropist in 2014.

Q104. Former New Zealand cricket captain passed away recently.
Answer: Martin Crowe in Aukland, NZ who was suffering from lymphoma a cancer of the immune system.

Q105. Who is continue to remain the world’s richest person according to Forbe’s 2016 billionaires list.
Answer: Bill gates. This list of world’s wealthiest people is complied and published by the American business magazine Forbes.

Q106. Founder of Google.
Answer: Larry page and Sergey Brin

Q107. Founder of e-mail passed away recently and a brief history of how e-mail has came into being.
Answer: Raymond Tomlinson the internet pioneer and e-mail inventor who invented direct electronic messages between users on different machines on a certain network in 1971 and implemented it on the ARPANET system (i.e. Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) which was an early packet switching network and the first network to implement the protocol suite TCP/IP (Transmission control protocol/ internet protocol) which became the technical foundation of the internet. He had used @sign to separate user name from the name of their machine which later on becomes standard.

Q108. Who is being appointed as the Chairman of the 21st law Commission of India.
Answer: justice Balbir Singh Chauhan who was also the former supreme court judge.

Q109. Brief overview of Law Commission of India.
Answer: It is a non-statutory and non-constutional body constituted by Union government time to time with 1st LCI was constituted in 1955 usually headed by SC judge of CJ of HC.
The purpose of 21st LCI is to give recommendations on a review of IPC, criminal justice system and bail law to ensure uniformity in procedure of granting the relief.

Q110. Who is being named as the Secretary General of Arab league.
Answer: Veteran Egyptian leader Ahmed Abul Gheit has been selected as Secretary General of the Arab League.

Q111. Brief overview of Arab League.
Answer: – It is a regional organization of arab countries in and around North Africa, Horn of Africa and Arabia
– To promote interests of arab world
– Safeguarding their independence and sovereignty
– Was founded on 22nd March, 1945 in Cairo by six members i.e. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Currently, it has 22 memebers

Q112. Who sworn in as Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court?
Answer: Justice Ajit Singh

Q113. Who appoints and who administers oath of Chief Justice of High Courts?
Answer: President of India appoints (Article#222) and Governor of State administers oath (Article#129) for Chief Justice of High Courts.

Q114. First elected civilian president of Myanmar.
Answer: Htin Kyaw is being elected as the Myanmar’s first civilian (non-military) President. He was a candidate of national League for Democracy (NLD) party.

Q115. Who has been canonized as saint recently?
Answer: Mother Teresa, a Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary will be elevated to sainthood and will be made a saint of Roman Catholic Chruch on Setp. 4, 2016. She was born as Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu on 26 August, 2910 in Skopje (now in Macedonia) and is founder of Kolkata based missionaries of charity and awarded with Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Q116. Stages of canonization of the Roman Catholic Chruch.
Answer: First is Servant of followed, second is Venerable, third is Blessed and 4th i.e. last stage is of canonization.

Q117. Who is being suspended as goodwill ambassador of UN and why?
Answer: Maria Sharapova of Russia has been suspended as Goodwill ambassador of UN after she has been tested positive on doping allegations.
She was found positive for drug Meldonium also known as mildronate given to patients suffering from heart and circulatory conditions for enhancing their physical and mental function which actually increases production of more RBCs in the body to increase oxygen supply to muscles for enhancing endurance. This substance is added in this prohibited drug list because athletes use it for enhancing their performance.

Q118. Which country has passed it’s first ever Anti-terror Bll?
Answer: South Korea which was proposed 15 years ago in 2001 after 9/11 terrorist attacks in US. It defines terror as an act that puts national security and citizens safety at risk, allows National Intelligence Service (NIS) to collect personal information, conversation etc. and tracking of back accounts, immigration records etc. of suspects.

Q119. Which country has conducted ballistic missile tests even after ban from UNSC?
Answer: Iran which was refrained from any work on ballistic missiles for 8 years by UNSC until a nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1 is implemented.

Q120. What are the characteristics of ballistic missile and cruise missile?
Answer: Ballistic missile are high, arching trajectory missiles initially powered and guided but later it falls under gravity on to it’s target i.e. most of it’s trajectory is unpowered and governed by gravity; whereas cruise missiles are aerodynamically guided in powered flight.

Q121. Which organisation has been declared as terrorist group recently by Arab league?
Answer: Lebanese movement Hezbollah a shia political organisation has been declared terrorist group by Arab league after same stance by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Hezbollah currently fighting Lebanon’s neighboring Syria to support the government of President Bashar al-Assad and is being declared terrorist group by US, Canada and Australia.

Q122. Which country has recently decided to set up International Maritime Judicial Centre and why?
Answer: China has decided to set up IMJC to handle territorial disputes and protect it’s seas rights, which currently are brought before the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) to settle down.
The move will help China to bolster its claims in the disputed South and East China seas and becoming a maritime power. Also, recently it has started to build airports, artificial islands etc, in these disputed territories to claim their authority over it.

Q123. In how many category has MoEFCC divided industries based on pollution index.
Answer: Pollution Index (PI) is a number ranging from 1-100 and is a function of emissions, effluents, hazardous wastes and consumption of resources
So it is being divided into 4 color code categories viz.
a. Red category: PI – 60+, e.g. sugar, TPP etc.
b. Orange category: PI – 4-59, e.g. coal, washeries
c. Green category: PI – 21-40, low polluting industries
d. White category: <20, non-polluting industries exempted from requirement of environmental clearance

Q124. Currently, Indian government has imposed anti-dumping duty on import what kind of machines?
Answer: 44.7% anti-dumping duty on import of plastic-processing machines from Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam for 5 years. It will be levied on all kinds of plastic-processing or injection moulding machines.

Q125. Purpose of anti-dumping measures?
Answer: To ensure fair trade and provide a level playing field to the domestic industry to protect domestic producers and market from below-cost imports under multilateral WTO regime.

Q126. In India who recommends and who imposes the anti-dumping duty?
Answer: In India Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) under the aegis of Union Ministry of Commerce recommends it and Union Finance Ministry imposes it.

Q127. Which Indian bank has got license to operate in Myanmar?
Answer: SBI the India’s largest lender along with three other Asian banks. Myanmar was remained closed for decades but since 2011 i.e. under semi-civilian government rule it opened for foreign banks because of it’s poor growth and development in Asia.

Q128. With which bank has RBi exchanged MoU for exchange of information and what is the importance of such MoU?
Answer: With bank of Israel and with it RBI has signed a total of 32 such MoUs which will help it in seeking to promote greater co-operation and sharing supervisory information among the authorities.

Q129. Private sector bank in India that has launched new NFC based contactless mobile payment solution Touch&Pay?
Answer: It is being done by India’s largest private sector lender ICICI bank, so now customer can make in-store contactless payments by just waving their smartphones near an NFC-enabled merchant terminal.
Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a short range high frequency communication technology, in which a set of protocols enables two electronic devices to establish radio data communication with each other by bringing them closer i.e. around 10 cm or 4 inches from each other.
With this ICICI has become the first financial institution in the country to leverage the Host Card Emulation technique in which in every payment one unique token will be generated and will be sent viz encryption to merchant to ensure security of the card details.

Q130. On which day do World Wildlife Day is being celebrated worldwide?
Answer: On 3rd march every year World Wildlife Day (WWD) is being celebrated to raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora, for taking up urgent steps to fight wildlife.
On 20th December, 2013 UNGA declared this day as World Wildlife Day as it was on this day in 1973 when Convention on International trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted and since then CITES is being playing an important role in fighting against international trade of threatened species.

Q131. How many animal species are critically endangered in India?
Answer: Out of a total of 96,000 animal species found in India more than 50 animals have been assessed as critically endangered and 310 as endangered as assessed by Zoological Survey of India (ZSI).
Botanical Survey of India has notified that out of 19,156 species of vascular plants found in India 1,236 belong to threatened categories like critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable.

Q132. What kind of medicine is being developed by an Indian scientist recently?
Answer: A herbal drug using traditional Ayurveda system from Cipa extract derived from velvet leaf has been developed which is effective against mosquito borne dengue fever, which is potent inhibitor to all four types of dengue virus. For commercial production it is under trials by AYUSH ministry and Drug Controller of India (DCI).

Q133. Characteristics of Dengue?
Answer: Mosquito borne viral disease with India represents 50% of global population to be at risk of dengue. Very high virus load can cause reduction in platelet counts and haemorrhage.

Q134. Which country has recently isolated a bacterium species capable of breaking down plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyester?
Answer: It is being done by Japanese researchers which have successfully isolated a bacterium species Ideonella Sakaiensis 201-F6 which is capable of breaking down PET or polyester, which uses it as a primary source of carbon and completely degrade thin film of PET ina short span of 6 weeks at 30 degC by using two enzymes out of
a. First enzyme helps it to adhere to substance and producing an intermediate substance through hydrolysis
b. Second enzyme works with water and acts on this intermediate substance
The bacteria can be used in industrial recycling processes without having any adverse impact on the environment.

Q135. Name of the mission recently sent to mars and why?
Answer: ExoMars 2016 an unmanned spacecraft launched jointly by Europe and Russia to search for biosignatures (or Martian life) in past or present. It’s the first phase with second phase going to be launched in 2018.

Q136. Other functional rovers on mars.
Answer: Curiosity and Opportunity both were sent by NASA, the federal space agency of US.

Q137. First building in the country to get Earthquake Warning System?
Answer: Haryana’s New Secretariat Building in Chandigarh, features:
a. Works on the principle of detection of primary and secondary seismic waves of an earthquake
b. As primary waves are fastest kind of seismic waves and are the initial vertical movements beneath the earth and does not cause any damage
c. Primary waves are followed by secondary wave which travels beneath the earth horizontally and causes damage and are known to us as an earthquake.
The system gives warning only if after detecting primary waves it finds that secondary waves are going to have high intensity to cause enough damage.

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