Jan 17 th, 2016
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11 Space and Defense – Current Affairs – Upcoming Exams – Aug-Sep 2015 – Part II

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• Mars orbiter Mission > 1 yr

• Govt. nod for IAF IACCS for automating command and control system for air defense > integration of different air sensors and radars to protect air space

• India-China > Hand-in-Hand > China Yunnan Province > 5th such since 2007

• High risk area boundary > India’s west coastline > shifted from 78 degrees to 65 degrees east longitude (65 was original position) > extension effects> 300 fold increase in insurance costs > hence increase in transaction cost of commodities

• India-US-Japan > Malabar Naval Exercise > Bay of Bengal > for advance multi-national maritime relationships and mutual security issues

• DRDO missile complex in Hyderabad > renamed APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex >APJ AK 11th PoI 2002-2007

• Gujarat and Maharashtra naval area has been divided into two separate HQ > enhanced operational and administrative structure

• NATO > biggest Trident Juncture Military Exercise > Italy > to check alliance’s response to security threats > last time such things took place in cold war era

• Govt. approved induction of women in air force > navy also opened their doors for women fighter pilots

• China launched > Tianhui-1C mapping satellite > for scientific research, mapping and disaster relief, crop yield estimation etc.

• China’s > lunar rover Yutu > sets new record for longest stay on moon

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