Jan 15 th, 2016
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11 Short hand Notes Current Affairs – Aug-Dec(10) 2015 onwards – For Coming Exams – Part III


• GIAN > to improve quality of higher education > scientists and entrepreneurs engage with higher education institutions for quality reforms, improving capabilities etc. > lectures available later on to others

• CSS > 14th FC increased devolution to states from 32% to 42 % of tax receipts > decrease in CSS to 30 from 50 > states not happy with CSS as it is like same suit fit for all > improvement requires more flexibility for states

• India’s FSA> provide subsidized food grains to 2.3rd of india’s population > except Tn all will implement by April, 2016 > necessary things – constructing infra, doorstep delivery, grievance redressal etc. > 5 kg > take home ration for pregnant and lactating women > free meals for children between 6-14 years

• South Asian Annual Disaster Management Exercise (SAADMEx) – to strengthen response system to disaster in SAARC – 8 SAARC countries are : India, Afghan, Bangla, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pak and SL > conducted by NDRF for coordination and synchronizing efforts

• Mizoram > bamboo state of India > high production rate > furniture as well as manufacturing paper

• 7th Pay Commission > may inflation increase > set back for public investment > gone by food requirement and not covering all basic needs of family > income inequality issue i.e. pay at higher level in govt. is less than that of same in private sector > burden of 0.65% on GDP

• New tree frog species > kaladhar > idukki district Kerala > biggest known tree frog > made researchers for further conservation efforts and exploration in these areas

• India-Singapore tie-up > to catalyze relation in security, politics, smart cities etc. > Singapore was 2nd and now 1st largest source of FDI in India at 35.9 bn USD from 2000-2015 > 10th largest trading partner of India > bilateral trade of $ 19.4 bn

• SEBI-BSEC MoU – areas of cooperation and technical assistance > promoting economic links, investor protection etc. > strengthening capital market > training and technical assistance

• India’s Ballistic Missile Dhanush > tested from naval ship off Odisha coast > s2s > 350 km > naval variant of prithvi missile > develped by DRDO under IGNDP

• Unifying agricultural market in India > coz of food inflation due to hoarding, black marketing etc. > APMC flaws – forces farmers to sell produce to govt designated mandis hence get paid lower > inadequate infrastructure, license fees etc. > Recent govt initiatives – promotion of national agricultural market through agri-tech infra fund under small farmer’s agribusiness consortium > integrated 585 regulated markets of India through e-platform > single license all over India, single market fee and e-auction

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