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International Issues, Facts etc.

International Relations

28th Nov – 10th Dec

  • Patricia Scotland has been elected as the Secretary General of Commonwealth and hence become the first woman British citizen to hold this post.
    She took over the post from Kamlesh Sharma of India.
    Common wealth secretary is the head of the Commonwealth Secretariat (it was established in 1965 and represents commonwealth publicly, headquartered at Marlborough House, London).

  • BBIN i.e. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal friendship motor car rally has been flagged off from Silchar in Assam.
    Aim: To show connectivity in this sub-region and vehicles movement across borders of this 4 nations through BBIN Motor Vehicles Agreement (MVA).
    This BBIN MVA agreement has a lot benefits like improving trade, economic integration, improved bilateral relations etc.

  • West Indies spinner Sunil Narine has been suspended by International Cricket Council (ICC) after it found that his bowling action exceeded 15 degrees level of permitted tolerance limit. The test on his action was performed at accredited testing centre in Loughborough University.
  • Davis Cup which is a men’s tennis tournament started way back in 1900 and is played between Britain and US has been won by great Britain tennis team this time. Women’s equivalent for the same trophy is Fed cup.
  • Russia has put serious sanctions against Turkey (a NATO member) after it had strike down one of its fighter plane.
    Ban include: No imports from Turkey, – No Turkey national will work in Russian companies, – No Turkish company will work in in Russia, – No tour package will include Turkey, – No charter flights between both he countries.

  • Roch Marc Kabore has been elected as the President of Burkina Faso (a country in Africa that got its independence in 1960 from France).
  • China hosted the first of its kind BRICS media summit in Beijing which has been attended by 25 media organisations from 5 countries.
    – The summit aims to benefit the media organizations of these five countries, – All 25 media organizations have come to a consensus to deal with issues like climate change, terrorism and global issues.

  • Australia’s parliament has passed “Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill, 2015 to strip its citizenship under following conditions:
    – Convicted of terrorism, – Sentenced for greater than 6 years, – Found to fought for terrorist organisations, – Is a financial terrorist etc.
    This law has been passed by them seeing the ongoing terrorist threats of IS, people from Australia joining IS etc.

  • China announced $ 60 bn package to China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in 10 major sectors such as industry, trade, financial services etc. through it China is increasing its reach to resource rick Africa. This step also considers as part of China’s ambitious One Belt and One Road and maritime Silk Route initiative.
  • China has given approval for production of its first manned lithium battery powered electric aircraft designed by its Shenyang Aerospace University and Liaoning General Aviation Academy.
  • Australia won the Men’s Hockey World league Final.
  • Canada the second largest producer of Uranium globally has sent its first consignment of Uranium to India after a gap of 41 years i.e. since 18-May-1984 when India performed its first nuclear test and hence become the third country after Russia and kazakhstan to supply Uranium to India.
    The agreement between India and Canada was signed NSG granted waiver for use of atomic power for civilian purposes in 2008.
    Canada to supply 3,000 metric tones of Uranium to India over a period of five years under IAEA safeguards.

  • 5th ‘heart of Asia’ conference has been organised in Islamabad, Pakistan for enhanced cooperation for security and promoting connectivity among regions included in it. This conference was started in 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey.

17th – 27th Nov

  • FIFA banned Ganesh Thapa who is the president of All-Nepal Football Association (ANFA) because of solicitation and taking money for match fixing etc.
  • After attack on Paris, France has scaled up the intensity of their air raids on IS stronghold region of Raqa province in northern Syria.
  • G-20 summit held in Antalya in Turkey where the leaders pf G-20 decided to fight terrorism unitedly and tackle the problem og uneven economic growth which increases inequality.
  • “World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) suspended RUSADA – Russia’s anti-doping agency for uncovered state-sponsored doping program and hence a non-compliant with world’s anti-doping charter.
    WADA is a global NGO established in 1999 in Lausanne, Switzerland for implementing anti-doping regulations in sports and countries. It is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.”

  • Journalist Zaina Erhaim won 2015 reporters without Borders Prize for her defence of press freedom and dedicated work in war torn country of Syria. Tjos award was established in 1992 by Paris based NGO Reporters Without Borders (RWB) upon journalists who have contributed a lot for the sake of press freedom.
  • US House of representatives voted for a provision in favor to bar Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering US based on security concerns.
  • Russia signed a deal with Egypt to finance and build its first nuclear plant in Dabaa which lies on the Mediterranean coast in the northwest of country. Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab world. The chernobyl nuclear accident has lead to the delay in the implementation of nuclear programme in Egypt.
  • “10 day emergency has been declared in Mali by their government following terrorist attack in their capital city of Bamako by islamic militant group al-Murabitoun group.
    Mali is the 8th largest country in African continent affected by terrorism, ethnic conflicts etc. where in 2012 a military coup led by ethnic Tiuareg rebels overthrown the democratically elected President and seized the northern half of the country led by Tuareg and Islamist rebels.”

  • French President Francois Hollande will be the chief guest in 2016’s Republic Day celebration of India. After him France will hold distinction of being the maximum time guest of honour of Indian Republic Day parade.
  • Mauricio Macri has won the presidential election of Argentina.
  • Antonio Costa will be the new Prime Minister of Portugal. Portugal was the first country to colonise some parts of India in 16th century and last to leave India in 1961.
  • Australia-New Zealand made history by playing first day-night test in Adelaide Oval Cricket Stadium with a pink Kookaburra ball for ensuring visibility in floodlights.
  • Eminent tamil scholar from Japan Noboru Karashima passed away who had written the economic and social history of medieval south India, published number of articles in tamil, written many books, was principal organiser of 8th World tamil Conference etc.
  • India-Vietnam signed a MoU to promote mutual cooperation between both of them in areas of animal health, which includes echanging special information related to animal diseases, meat processing, slaughter houses plus monitoring of same etc. Cooperating in the field of improving standards and training peple in this field.
  • India-China vowed to deepen their bilateral cooperation against terrorism and transnatinal crime. Both country must also make effort to improve administration along borders for safe and easy passage of people along their border.

4th – 16th Nov

  • “Pakistan loses its UNHRC seat, its term will expire on 31 December of this year. UNHRC meets at the UN office at Geneva and its council has 47 member nations which are elected by UNGA. Each has a term of 3 years and no member can occupy the seat for more than two terms.
    Reason for suspension of a member are violation of human rights during its term of membership.”

  • US said that India’s APEC membership is not on the agenda fo APEC meeting to be held in Manila this month. APEC accounts for approximately 40% of world’s population, 54% of world’s GDP and 44% of world trade.
  • President of Maldives Abdulla Yammen declared emergency for 30 days in Maldives as there are chances of mass rally by supporter of ex-president Mohamed Nasheed who was convicted for 13 years this year in March this year in the case of using army for arresting a senior judge.
  • China Parliament ratifies AIIB agreement, hence establishing the legal framework for the Bank. AIIB is basically to finance entry, transport and infrastructure projects in Asia. In it the voting share for each country is based on the size of their economy and not on authorized capital share to the Bank.
  • Justin Trudeau sworn in as 23rd PM of Canada.
  • A MoU has been signed between India and Belgium for cooperation in development of new and renewable energy technologies in the field of Wind energy, Biomass, Solar, Smart grids, Geothermal, Marine energy, other mutually agreed areas etc.
  • Union cabinet had given nod for signing a MoU with Colombia to mutually develop and promote tourism in each other’s country for mutual economic development.
  • Philippines will host 2015 APEC summit during 18-19 November with two key roadmaps will be endorsed in this summit viz.
    i. Cebu Action Plan to protect APEC member countries from financial crisis
    ii. Boracay Action Agenda t help MSMEs to access regional and global market.

  • India and Bangladesh signed SOP for operationalising Agreement on Coastal Shipping which has several implications like:
    a. Enhanced connectivity and improved movement of cargo to landlocked north-east by coastal shipping up to Chittagong and later by other sources
    b. Indian ports can serve as trans-shipment ports for transportation of cargo from Bangladesh

  • Pakistna and China’s ambitious project SPEC i.e. China- Pakistan Economic Corridor Project to develop Pakistan’s Gwadar port and connect it with Kashgar in China i.e. in its Xinjiang region.
  • France will deploy its largest aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaulle’ against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
24th Oct – 3rd Nov

  • US passed Cyber Security Legislation to facilitate sharing and precent cyber attacks by facilitating a common awareness and envouraging private companies t voluntarily share information related to it.
  • Nepal got its first woman President as Bidhya Bhandari.
  • India-Africa Forum Summit adopted a framework for strategic cooperation and Delhi Declaration 2015.
  • China abondoned its decades old One Child Policy (started in 1978) to two child policy seeing its increasing old age population and declining labor force.
  • BRICS nation signed Moscow declaration for addressing socio-economic challenges using Science, Technology and Innovation.
  • India and Indonesia signed a pact on Cultural exchange and energy.

21-23 Oct

  • Union government gave approval for signing an agreement between India and Egypt on Maritime transport which will help in improving maritime traffic, training and exchange of staff and students, flow of commercial goods and JV’s in field of maritime transportation, training etc.
  • Union government gave nod for signing a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with Maldives
    a. Aim of MLAT is to enhance investigation and prosecution of transnational crimes related to terrorism, smuggling leading to money generation which can later on fund violent activites in other countries etc.
    b. MLAT agreement helps in exchanging and gathering information for effective decision making by judiciary in case of crimes”

  • Russia and US inked a MoU to avoid deconfliction and mid-air incidents between their air forces over syrian skies.
  • Justin Trudeau of Liberal Party has been elected as 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.
  • US and Spain inked a new accord to cleanup nuclear accident site at Palomares (Spain) contaminated by plutonium radiation from undetonated US nuclear bombs which reached there due to crash of a US bomber plane in 1966.
  • Britain signed a landmark nuclear deal with China to build the United Kingdom’s first nuclear power plant since the 1980’s.

14 – 19 Oct

  • US to extend its presence in Afghanistan beyond 2016 to help Afghan forces to counter a growing Taliban threat in wake of recent surge in terrorist attacks.
  • Myanmar government inks peace pact with 8 ethnic rebel groups especially belonging to Kayin and Chin groups to end decades of civil war since it became independent country from the British colonial rule in 1948.
  • Pakistan-Russia signed 1,100 km North-South gas pipeline from Lahore to Karachi in which Russia will invest 2 billion dollars.

9-13 Oct

  • Economist Angus Deaton won 2015 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare.
  • “National Dialogue Quartet (NQT) of Tunisia won Nobel Peace Prize for 2015 for its decisive contribution in building democracy in Tunisia in the wake of Jasmine Revolution of 2011.
    Jasmine Revolution was an civil resistance campaign against authoritarian rule which led to thorough democratization of whole country.
    Tunisia is also the birth place of Arab Spring.”

  • BRICS nation issues Joint Declaration to ensure orderly and legal migration amongst member nations and respect human rights, for experience sharing and exchanging views on migration issues etc.
  • UNSC has adopted a resolution authorising EU and other countries to use force for tackling refugee crisis. The resolution was adopted under Chapter 7 of the UN charter, which authorizes use of force. It was adopted after EU launched second phase of Operation Sophia (for tackling human smugglers and traffickers in the Mediterranean Sea).
  • Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli of Communist Part of Nepal was elected as the new Prime Minister of Nepal.
  • India gives $ 5 million grant to Palestine as budgetary assistance and ensured that is continues to support resolution for formation of a Palestine state based on the 1967 border in UN.
  • Iran parliament gives preliminary approval for Nuclear Deal that will lead to lifting of economic sanctions in return for Iran curbing sensitive nuclear programme activities which may had developed nuclear bomb.

8 Oct

  • India to oppose uniform migration policy at BRICS meet in Sochi saying that India don’t have that king of resources to address these demands.
  • Russia backs Syrian forces in major assault on insurgents. A Russian warship launched aerial bombing and cruise missile strikes from Caspian Sea against the Islamic’s state positions in Syria.

7 Oct

  • Around 40 Syrian insurgent groups united against Moscow’s air campaign. Rebels said that Russia joined the way in Syria after President’s basher al-Assad’s forces were on the verge “of a crushing defeat” and Russia supports Assad.

6 Oct

  • British researchers have developed a new mobile app called ASCmel.T. that involves people with autism in building new technologies for their own use.
  • US and other 11 nations reach historic deal on TPP which aims to set rules for the 21st century trade and investment, andwill eliminate more than 18,000 taxes imposed by various countries on US products. The deal will lower trade tariffs and help countries counter China’s rising influence in the region. The countries have a combined domestic product of $28,136 bn on 2012 which is approximately 40% of world’s GDP.

5 Oct

  • Nepal asking India to help it, as it gets 100% of its oil supplies from IOCL. India on the other hand denying the fact that it blocked the supplies to Nepal.

2 Oct

  • UN body asks Sri Lanka to probe ‘rights abuses’, called Colombo to establish a credible judicial process, including participation of commonwealth and other foreign judges, lawyers etc. to go into the alleged rights abuses. UN saying that it is a historic opportunity for Sri Lanka to address the grave human rights violation and abuses that its people suffered.
  • Nepal facing crisis of petrol and medical supplies because of blockade by India which is not happy with its discriminatory constitution.

23 Sept – 1 Oct

  • Alexis Tsipras second time sworn in as Prime Minister of Greece
  • EU imposes anti-dumping duty of upto 31% on imports of sewage and water steel pipes from India for six months. In last two years Indian exports had significantly increased by over 22%.
  • G-4 countries i.e. India, Brazil, Germany and Japan have issued a joint statement on UNSC reforms to address the global conflicts and crises.
  • Taliban captures northern Afghan city of Kunduz, which is strategically important as it is considered a gateway to Afghanistan’s Northern Provinces and Central Asia as it shares border with Tajikistan.
  • Seeing the increasing China involvement in territorial and maritime disputes with countries near South China Sea, US, Japan and India decided to coordinate policies in addressing China’s increasing maritime activities.

22 Sept

  • Hungary’s Parliament gave the army and police sweeping powers to keep refugees out saying that Europe was being overrun.

21 Sept

  • “Nepal adopted its first constitution since a campaign to create a modern state began 65 years ago.
    India pointed out 3 problems with Nepal’s Constitution:
    a. Unfair federal-provincial demarcation leading to unrest in Terai region
    b. Sewed delimitation of constituency giving more than half seats to Pahadi community with half population
    c. Reservation to forward castes Pahadi region people”

  • “India, US and Japan to raise their trilateral engagement to the ministerial level.
    India’s cold response to recent US proposal that Australia too take part in the Malabar naval exercise that will have Indian, Japanese and US fleets in joint action. This exercise entered Indian waters recently after 2007. In 2007 this exercise had stirred up a political controversy in Indian and provoked sharp reactions from China.
    When a joint exercise has too many participating countries, the intensity of the cooperation is brought down to the lowest common levels and it defeats the purpose of the exercise.”

19 Sept

  • Japan’s parliament passed contentious security bills into law that could see Japanese troops fight abroad for the first time in 70 years.
  • With more than 13,000 people entered Croatia in just 2 days following the closure of Hungary’s border, Croatia has also closed seven of its eight road border crossings with Serbia, though people are continuing to enter through the countryside. Croatia statement is that people are welcome in Croatia and they can even pass through Croatia, but this cannot be their final destination.

18 Sept

  • Saudi diplomat issue casts shadow on Indo-Nepal ties and on India’s work in the last stages of the delicate process of making Nepal’s constitution.
  • A 2,000 year old stupa, one of the 19 built with Lord Buddha’s relics has been restored with religious rites by an Indian monk in Tibet. It was consecrated by Gyalwang Drupka, the spiritual head of Drukpa lineage of Buddhism

17 Sept

  • “UN report on Sri Lankan war crimes released,
    The report accuses government forces and LTTE of sub-human atrocities during the war.
    Unlawful Killings: Sri Lankan forces targeted tamil politicians, aid workers, journalists while LTTE eliminated Muslims and Sinhalese.
    Deprivation of Liberty: Forces used arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings as a norm; personal liberty was unheard of.
    Gender Violence: Lankan forces used rape and sexual violence against men and women as an instrument of torture.”

  • India – Cambodia sign two MoUs on tourism and on the Mekong-Ganga Cooperative Initiative. The Mekong Ganga MoU related to five ‘quick impact projects’ on entrepreneurship, agriculture etc. A SPV also been set up with regard to the CMLV to attract Indian investments to Cambodia and other CMLV countries.
  • Chaos at Hungary border as police fire tear gas at refugees, who are trying to cross the border from Serbia, as other groups of refugees carved a new route through Croatia.

16 Sept

  • “India signalled upgraded ties with North Korea, India’s bilateral ties with North Korea have been frosty for several decades mainly due to the latter’s close strategic ties with Pakistan.
    North Korea is estimated to have one of the largest global deposits of minerals and rare earth metals necessary for India’s IT industry and electronic majors. A major factor that inhibited India’s steps towards the North Korean market in the past was the sensitivity of South Korea towards such a move.”

  • In a clear signal of India’s importance, both as a major buyer and potential collaborator in the defense sector, the Pentagon has established it’s first-ever country special cell to speed up defense ties between India and US. The India Rapid Reaction Cell is meant to ramp up the tempo of all ongoing initiatives.
    “Leader’s of G-4 i.e. Japan, Germany, Brazil and India that wants expansion of UNSC and permanent seats fpr themselves-are exploring the possibility of a summit in New York on the sidelines of UNGA.
    The UN’s Inter-Governmental Negotiations (IGN) that have been under way since 2008 finalized over the weekend a negotiating text for UN reforms. The resolution called for “equitable representation on, and increase in the membership of the Security Council.

  • Putin defended Moscow’s military assistance to the Syrian government, saying it’s impossible to defeat the Islamic State group without cooperating with Damascus i.e. Assad.

15 Sept

  • Malcolm Turnbull becomes the new PM of Australia defeating Tony Abott_ this is country’s 4th leadership change in five years.

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26 August, IS blows up 2000 year old UNESCO world heritage site of Palmyra temple antiquities
26 August,North Korea and South Korea agreed to end up tensions increased few days back when South Korea started announcing about anti North-Korea agenda through loud speakers on border between them i.e. 38th parallel.
26 August,Europe is facing worst refugee crisis since WWII.
27 August,International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) has directed for a stay on the proceedings of SC over Italian marines.
28 August,Bangladesh raid of Arakan army of a Myanmar rebel group.
28 August,Anbar province is in Iraq.
29 August,India and US set to ink pact on terror database that will help India to access database of 11000 suspects. India insisting that privacy issues be taken care of and the agreement not be a tool to serve only the interests of the US.
29 August,According to US think tank Pakistan would have more than 350 nuclear weapons in a decade or so that would be third largest stockpile.
29 August,US advised China to follow constructive role like india in ties with Afghanistan. India has so far given $2 bn financial assistance to Afghanistan.
29 August,Dawood Ibrahim living peacefully in Pakistan and Pakistan denying to help India in anyway to send him back_ Osama Bin Laden was also found in their soil when US attacked and traced him showing little regard for Pakistan’s sovereignty.
1 Sept, Ruins of an ancient palace uncovered by Greek archaeologists which belong to Sparta’s Mycenaean culture.
2 Sept,Taliban leader was sheltered by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI according to an email received by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
2 Sept,India along with 49 Prospective Founding Members signed the Articles of Agreement for the formation of the AIIB. AIIB is expected to focus on the infrastructure development in Asia and is unlikely to restrict lending on political consideration like IMF and WB. It will be headquartered in Beijing with initial authorized capital stock of $100 bn.
4 Sept,MoU signed between ISI and Afghanistan NDS will not be implemented saying that it has been rejected by Afghan people.
4 September,New Delhi and Abu Dhabi discussed steps to check radicalization and deal with terror threats from transnational organizations even as they conferred on how to enhance trade and investment at the 11th India-UAE Joint Commission Meeting.
4 Sept,Pakistan agreed with US to not push for a UNSC resolution on Kashmir acknowledging that it will not be helpful in resolving the issue.
4 Sept,EU under pressure to open doors to refugees when media published images of people get killed while coming into EU.
5 Sept,UN tells EU to accept more refugees.
5 Sept,UAE lost 22 and Bahrain 5 battling against Yemeni Shia Houthi rebels in the eastern province of Marib.
5 Sept,China has 3 lakh students in US and India has 1.5 lakh. There is a rise of 32% in Indian students in US.
5 Sept,Due to attacks by Boko Haram approximately 2.1 mn displaced in northeast Nigeria according to the International Organization for Migration.
9 Sept,Indians killed alive in Saudi-led coalition air strikes on fuel smugglers at Yemen’s hodiedah port.
9 Sept,China on 8th September celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Tibet Autonomous Republic (TAR) by sending a powerful visual message of unity along with an advocacy of fusing religious and socialist values.
9 Sept,Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization and Tamil National Alliance has decided to take out a march in Jaffna demanding an international mechanism into alleged war crimes
10 Sept,The Australian government says it is examining a report by a parliamentary committee that has recommended more safeguards to India’s nuclear programme before the government can approve uranium sales to India. The parliamentary report that has in principle approved the nuclear deal recommended that India be encouraged to sign the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to separate its civilian and military nuclear facilities further and appoint an independent national regulator to oversee the movement of Uranium also called Australia-Obligated Nuclear Material (AONM).
14 Sept,India and some other countries are bidding for a Security Council seat may have to muster up the numbers for a vote to pass the pass the text. US has expressed support for India and Japan_ but has not included the support in its written submission; neither do Russia which supports India and Brazil as BRICS members to be in the Security Council_ but has shown no inclination to push the reforms process forward. China has made no official submission but is unlikely to help any attempt to include its rivals Japan and India in the power group of the UN. G-4 including Pakistan_ Italy_ South Korea and Colombia called Uniting for Consensus (UFC)_ which demands a 25-member Security Council with more non-permanent members instead of a few more permanent members.
14 Sept, Russia is building an airstrip in the Syrian regimes stronghold Latakia province. Washington accuses Moscow of a military build-up in Syria_ where Russia has backed President Bashar al-Assad’s regime against an uprising of more than four years.

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