Sep 15 th, 2015
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Law Commission Recommendation to Abolish Death Sentence

    The law commission has recommended abolition of the death penalty for all crimes except terrorism related offences and waging war against crime but there are various issues related to it viz.

  • No Justification:
    There is no justification of why such crimes be treated differently than other

  • Opposition from Other nations:
    It is opposed by many nations as well who themselves have abolished such death penalty practices

  • Public Sympathy:
    It creates sympathy among public for such criminals and creates question on the working and capability of existing judicial system

  • Not a Good example:
    Some says that death penalty sets good example for other such criminals who will be afraid of doing such crimes in future, but people must understand that such terrorists are already on suicide mission executing them will not create any example instead it will create more anger among members of such organizations

  • Violation of Right to Life
    Instead of death penalty it is better if some other strict punishment is laid on such criminals which can actually makes a difference in his life, because power to take life cannot be given to anyone who cannot creates it and it is loss of human resource as well, instead he can be put to community service or some other service in jails, so that at least he can recognize the importance of life sins he has done.

Religion Efficiency in Establishing Peace and Ending Violence

    Religion are person specific which is basically for their own satisfaction and peace it cannot bring peace and ends violence in conflict regions for e.g.

  • In ram temple ayodhya case, muzaffarnagar riots case, godhra riots etc. are religious based where people of two communities fought and many got killed
  • In case of any calamity like earthquakes, floods etc. people help not on the basis of religion but based on humanity
    So for peace and ending violence in conflicted regions education is important i.e. basic understanding that this violent things are not going to help anyone and living together in peace environment is good for the growth and benefit of all.
    Although, religion brings unity and integrity among people of same religion, but lack of good judgment and less exposure of people to world sometimes creates tensions between people of two different religion as well. Actually it is not religion it is the mindset of people which creates such practices and so they need modification in their thinking which education can better deliver to them.
    In international scenario think of Sri Lanka which is a Buddhist state still we face problems related to fishermen arrests by them, taking China’s side fro building their ports which is against India. Tensions with Pakistan although there are many muslims in India and they don’t have same thinking etc.

Functions and Objectives of an Ideal School

    A school is the place responsible for all round development of a child which later on helps him to become a well educated citizen of this country, so a school must be ideal only then the future of any country will be better. An ideal school must function to provide every child a:

  • Neat and clean premises
  • Well educated teachers
  • Conducive and friendly environment for all round development of a child
  • Proper water and sanitary facilities
  • Proper facilities in classes like blackboard, table, chairs etc. for children
    Objectives of a school must be to:

  • Inspire every child to achieve more
  • Teach every child the importance of team work and leadership
  • Instigate in every child a feeling that nothing is impossible all it requires is hard work and perseverance
  • Teach them about equality as it is important for all round development of a child as well as of society.

Caste Discrimination as Unethical Practice

    caste discrimination is an unethical approach because of several reasons like:

  • Against Vision of gandhiji
    It is against the vision of the father of our nation who gave his whole life for their upliftment

  • Violation of Fundamental Right
    – It is violation of Right to Equality enshrined in our constitution and a well aware citizen will never do it
    – Current example of several women punished for temple entry is a violation of Article#21 i.e. Right to Life and of cultural and educational rights

  • Can Turn Violent
    Such practices can lead to violent clashes among several communities

  • Insecurity Feeling
    It is hampering their moral sentiments and in future they will be afraid to visit any such public place i.e. creating fear among them by not letting them live freely is an offense

  • Misuse of Authority
    Under what authority people from upper caste avoided their entry in a temple, who gave them the right to punish them for it when we have judicial system to look after right and wrong
    So, it is strictly an illegal action and people responsible for it must be punished by court to set an example that this country belongs to all citizens equally and everyone has to visit any public place freely without any discrimination.

Right to Education and Children Values

    Right to Education to give free and compulsory education is a good step forward to educate and improve the intellectual level of the children of our society, and making it mandatory to include certain percentage of students in private schools will help in better culture exchange and many other benefits viz.

  • Better Exposure:
    Rich students will have better exposure to children of deprived class and will learn from them i.e. how privilege they are and that they must help their fellow weak and poor friends in their class

  • More privileges:
    Poor children who most of the times remain unaware of some good habits will learn it from rich students and can spread the same in their neighborhood which will help in creating a better environment for living in their society

  • Society Improvement:
    More of the rich and privileged students will get to know about it and they will be encourage to work for the their upliftment I future and similarly the poor student will also understand the privileges they will get and creating similar situation for other deprived students as well

  • Unity and Integrity:
    Caste and social divide will decrease bringing unity and integrity in our society
    So based on above points we can say that it is a good step forward and other schemes like mid-day meal scheme must be enforced or something like that for a day or two must be made compulsory in schools so that difference between such child will reduce further and frequent parents interaction in meetings will bring exposure for all sections of the society.

Ultimate Goal in Life

    My ultimate goal in my life is to become a good family man, with achieving more knowledge each day while remaining happy and using all my knowledge in my every day job to achieve more not only for me but for the development of as many people as possible i.e. to make life of people more easy and meaningful by bringing best opportunities to them and helping them to achieve it.
    There are many successful people in this world like Sh. APJ Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela etc. who lived to their terms and achieved more not only for them but for their nation as well, so it is possible to achieve your goal without compromising your personal integrity and value system, although some people may say that it is not possible but we must accept to this basic fact that there are always exception to something and everything looks impossible unless we fight to make it happen.
    So something has not been done and you want to make it happen then remember that “If someone has not done it then I will do it” and start working for, it will take time but with enthusiasm, hard work and perseverance sooner or later one can always reach there.

Favoritism in High Level IPS Postings

    There is no second though that political class seek to exert control over police officers and plays a game of favoritism. But in such a scenario being an IPS officer, I will prefer to go with law and rules, because

  • Each law is made after due deliberation and scrutiny by experts which are meant to uphold peace and integrity of nation
  • Going against the law is not only unethical, but also illegal as well and I can end in prison by doing such an act
  • As an IPS officer I have some duty w.r.t this nation, this kind of situation will always come at some point of time in front of every IPS and so its better to set an good example for others then to become a bad example for them
    While coming into this service almost most of the people know about such issues, but they still manage to overcome them and face the difficulties, so its better to follow the law.

Ethical Issues in Ongoing Migrant Crisis in Europe

    Currently Europe is undergoing through immigrants problem as its neighboring nations are going through political turmoil and armed conflicts, so people in search of safe heavens are trying to enter in Europe, but the way EU is behaving has many ethical issues viz.

  • Migrant v/s Refugee:
    They are considering them as migrant who don’t have any international rights and says that they are here in search of better economic opportunities while in real they are refugees who have left their country due to unsafe conditions, political turmoil and armed conflicts in there

  • Considering Them as Economic Burden:
    Saying, that they will bring down the economic standard of their country, which is a big issue because these people don’t have even food to eat and in such a situation such a remark is very shameful

  • Denial Of Entry:
    Initially, they were not even ready to let them even enter in their territory and it is after UN intervention only that they were agreed to rehabilitate them
    Countries from EU must remember the history how they came centuries ago to this countries looted them, exploited them for economic benefits and now when they are in need of help they have economic standard and weakening turmoil as main agenda then to help them. UN must take strict scrutiny and take strict actions to ensure their better rehabilitation and care.

Define: Objectivity, Integrity, Morals, Ethical Dilemma and Values

  • Objectivity:
    Broader meaning of the term refers to the ability in any context to judge fairly, without bias or external influence; this second meaning of objectivity is sometimes used synonymously with neutrality. Generally, objectivity means the state or quality of being true even outside of a subject’s individual biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings.

  • Integrity:
    The quality of being honest and having strong moral principle.

  • Moral:
    A lesson that can be derived from a story or experience.

  • Ethical Dilemma:
    An ethical dilemma is a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in transgressing another.

  • Values:
    Principle or standards of behavior.

Core Values of India

    India’s core values are the result of its long aspirations, culture and traditions going on since 100’s of years and also of lessons learned from India’s freedom movement. India’s core values include:
    a. Helping Others: Helping other nations wherever they need it like it helped Bangladesh in 1971, to Nepal in recent earthquake etc. it is the result of help that India got from Germany, Japan etc. during its freedom movement
    b. No First Attack Policy: Never attack it’s neighboring nations as it know what effects it has on family of people related to it as happens in Kashmir every other day
    c. Peace and Prosperity: Maintaining friendly relations with other countries and live in peace, this is the result of 200 years of foreign rule over India during which it understand it is better for everyone to grow in his or her own sphere then to interfere in between and deteriorating it.
    Apart from it not favoring nuclear armament, following policy of non-alignment, stand against terrorism and for growth and development etc. are other qualities of India.
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