Dec 23 rd, 2015
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Why Old Letter Culture was Better than New Social Interaction Era


How the Idea Came into Being

One day I was having a discussion with my friend about the culture of letter that we saw when we were kid and every one of you also must be aware about the importance of letter like how our parents used to wait for a letter from their loved ones or someone from my reader must have also tried to write a letter sometime in their life to their loved ones.

A Try for Another Immature Poem

So after trying to write an article about it, I finally ended up with these last nine lines:

Put your emotion on a piece of paper,
Express your deepest desires, otherwise you are afraid to tell,
Friends/family all becomes the reason of your tale,
Try to write about every single feeling in that limited space,
You try to hide some emotions,
You try to fake that you are happy,
But a letter always tells your story no matter what your condition is, because a letter never fakes,
You are far away, but still becomes the reason of smile to some, to others the courage and still for others the inspiration,
People forget what you said, but they always keep safe the letter you make.

An Explanation

In the first two lines I am trying to convey that try to put your emotions on a piece of paper i.e. try to express your deepest desires and feelings in words.

In the third line I want to express that how your parents, friends etc. become the part of the story you are writing.

The 4th and 5th line conveys how you try to express everything in that limited space i.e. no matter how small the space is you still manage to write at least a line about everything.

Well 6th and 7th lines are my favorite i.e. maybe you try to show that you are happy or try to hide your sadness, but when you will read your letter again you will get to know that no matter how hard you try to hide things, you will land up seeing the exact feelings on letter and that is what is so interesting thing about letter and that’s why I wrote that a letter never fakes.

8th line: When you write a letter you might be having some other feeling, but you end up with putting a smile on the face of some of your friend who is sad, a tear in eyes of someone else who is really glad to get your letter.

9th line: The importance of last line is that people may forget about what u said some time ago, but with letter it will always remains with them as a memory and they can always live that old moments with your letter and that is why a letter is that much important.


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