Dec 30 th, 2015
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What Will How To Become Confident Be Like In Coming Times?


Till H. Groß

A coach, speaker and founder of Comfort Zone Crusher.
He was a Professional basketball player earlier in his life.

Fear Situation:

Want to do something, but feeling of nervous and anxiety have stopped him from doing it
He has done something even after fear and anxiety, did it over and over, again and again so later on he stopped feeling nervous.

Talk is About:

How to become more confident?
i.e. to do what u want to do and not be hold back by anyone
Answer: Lay down on the floor for 30 seconds

His Thinking Earlier:

Inside he felt very nervous and insecure, because of comparing himself with smarter and cooler people than him; the main point that he pointed out here was his fear of rejection and not being cool

Situation: Suppose he went to a party where he don’t know anybody and if he is not talking to someone then people may think that he is not cool or he can bring his friends with him to have someone to talk to always.

So out of this fear and anxiety he decided to learn from the best, so he went to conferences, events etc. and asked people that I would like to learn from u and faced rejection many times.

Comfort zone challenges

He later on comes to know about the so called comfort zone challenges.

These comfort zone challenges are really good to overcome certain challenges and move in your business faster, i.e. “continuously put yourself in a situation that makes u nervous, and by doing it again & again fear of rejection goes out”.

So, advice he gave was go out and get rejected as fast as possible.

Do it over and over, again & again and later people will stop thinking and caring about people i.e. what they actually think about what you do.

Science Behind it Explained by Him Beautifully

Exposure therapy to train autonomic nervous system (ANS), which is responsible for sweating, heartbeat etc. and can’t be controlled consciously. It learns to response to some situation with fear

But putting oneself in comfort zone challenges again and again, this fear can be taken care of.

Put yourself in anxiety situations over a longer period of time and with time ANS learns to cope with it.

A New Beginning in His Life:

So, he started doing comfort zone challenges, but few things that came to his mind instantaneously when he took that decision are “I will start from tomorrow”

And the Day Came Finally

He was travelling in a train and decided to do 30 second challenge the next day, but then he decided why tomorrow let’s do it now and so his heartbeat raised and other good excuses came in like his friend will be waiting for him somewhere and all.

“Fear and excuses will always be there, but he did it anyways”

Things he Noticed during challenge

a. Weird looks of people (not scarier than thoughts),
b. Lot of people were confused about what he is doing actually,
c. Majority of people didn’t even cared and within 2 minutes all his anxieties disappeared and then he stand up and went back to his home.

Some Weeks After:

Then step by step he started looking after his challenges, and all his friends started following him and 100s of people from 20 different nations did this challenge of lying on the floor for 30 seconds.


– With comfort zone challenges one can learn to do uncomfortable things
– Ignore the excuses
– Learned to go through discomforts
– Relationship to fear changes, and fear will no longer pulls you back
– It gives you happiness

Reason of Unhappiness

Lot of unhappiness comes from comparing yourself with other people and with comfort zone challenges one learn how to deal with such problems.
People start to develop to become a perfect version of them.

Reason why this knowledge is not known to others:

Because of social stigma and expensiveness it is not accessible to people
And with internet he is trying to give people a glimpse of it

Final Conclusion

– Do something that scares you and your ANS learns to deal with it over time
– Also, it brings a new level of confidence and adventure in the life of people


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