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Jan 14 th, 2016
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The Time’s Track – Kuldeep Tiwari – RDVV

Time always has something for everyone. It wants to hand over it, but nobody spent time with it.
Experts say whenever you face series of problems “just keep walking, problems will solve by the time” but in the bad time people loose their grip over success and quite the journey.
After Applying  for an internship Rohan has realized that the position is for technical knowledge but been chosen for first round because of some marketing knowledge that he has. An online group was formatted to discuss the things.
being an BA graduate guy, he felt low confidence among IIT and IIM guys their in the group discussing in high level talk. Rohan feels rejection when nobody gets his point. he had decided to quite.
But he was enjoying the conversation as he takes some new things from it, and wants to spend some more time with the group. So he decided to just be their.
Very next day group leader announced a competition where all members had to suggest a name for an APP for a company name Financial Doctor.
All members were taking their mind into it and suggesting some technical name, Findock, Fintechboss and Finvest act. Rohan also got a name “FIND” he pitches it up in a very inhibited mood. The leader got this very simple to say and think, would be very familiar with customers.
They had just FIND it and Rohan been much appreciated by all group members. and he also asked to design its logo and tagline.
Although he has not been selected for next rounds due to technical knowledge but his name and logo is still their, now He had discovered a new thing about himself, just because he stay there with his decision.
Rejections are time consuming process to test you, how long you could play. The long you play the more you learn which is so called sweet fruit of your patience, fruit which you can’t get in any market.
Hasty decisions make your personality weak and patience!MS Dhoni. But patience never been just wait around, it is endless try with self believe and this endless try would be your only key for every next opportunity.

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