Jan 29 th, 2016
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Don’s marriage and us to make it awesome….


Well this article is dedicated to my dear friend Anirudh aka don who is getting married tonight and to his family and most importantly for my readers.

Well today one of my good friend from college is getting married and i have come all the way round to sirsa, haryana to attend his wedding. And most importantly of all i am here with my awesome friends who actually are the basic structure of my blogging career.

9 years back we all have started our journey and today we are here to relax and as all leaders say that relaxing and taking vacation is very important for life, so here we are in this awesome marriage of our good friend don.

But a lot has been changed we all went for job after college later on all left their job and are now running their own things like

Well again to stop mess among my friends i have decided to go alphabetically, so

A. Bond aka nandu
Founder Adonstream

B. Divij aka ij goyal
Founder Shoppist
A Mobile app and he claims to make it google of fashion industry

C. Ronak aka thappad lagun tere
Founder Muses Marketing

D. Vyom garg from mathura
Co-founder Adonstream

And me a chemical emgineer and now a blogger.

So, we had idea and then we worked hard to make it possible and now working to make it as big an animal as it can become. And we have partied so hard since our college days and today with all together at this place attending a friends wedding has made this a very incredible moment of my life.

They all have already left for the marriage and i am here sitting and writing to capture my those precious words and thoughts which when we will later read will be so awesome for all of us and a message for other people to take a trip with their friends to full yourself with new energy and enthusiasm to come back live your life more passionately.

So, i am about to leave for marriage but before leaving i just want to leave a good message to my dear friend anirudh that don this is one great marriage and we will meet and discuss these moments some time in future. And to my messy founder friends with , dudes we are going to party hard tonight.

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