Feb 9 th, 2016
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A story of how Kindle Impacts your Learning



Since, my childhood days i always used to listen from people that reading and learning daily is very good for living a good life and so do the same have happened with you guys as well. Our parents always pushes us to read and come first as it has become the necessity of this materialistic world and also it is the widely accepted practice as well i.e. to make competition tough and let the best talent to come out whether it’s a job, service or entrepreneurship.

Now reading has many advantages as famous and successful people say that reading a book helps you to get to know about the actual conditions through which the author has gone through during his life when he faced certain problems and what he learnt and what he made to write that book or similar many other real life questions are answered by him/her and while reading his book as least we get a direction to move on, because they have already been through that tough situation.

Following video will give you a brief overview of the some known and real advantages of reading:

And the condition is even hard for people that have no access to any good mentor, it is said that having a mentor decreases your time to learn anything as he aware or teaches you about most of the hurdles that will come in your way and so your journey becomes a but easy i your way.

A good story comes in my mind of one my friend who qualified IIT-JEE by self-preparation and i was the other person who did it after coaching, so there was a difference between his attitude of doing things and mine, i will tell you why?
As my friend learned everything for his exam on his own, so he had that attitude to find his own ways and me being taught or spoon fed for every other concept found it difficult to learn new things and so there was a big difference between his and my ways of doing things and also in both of our grades.

Now, the morale of the story is that i have learnt from that situation that making your own way to overcome your problem teaches you a better lesson than anyone else. So when i joined job i used to read a lot and during that days i met one of my office colleagues who was using kindle one day and so i asked him about it, when i used kindle it was altogether a very good feeling and i certainly purchased it.

Now, what is the features and advantages of kindle that sets it apart from other gadgets and makes it extremely useful are:

a. Light Weight

b. Good battery back-up

c. Clipping feature where important notes gets stored is easy from revision point of view

d. Live dictionary to refer meaning of word instantaneously

e. User-friendly i.e easy to use

f. Documents easily gets transferred to device wire lessly

g. Some books cost less on kindle than conventional paper and hard cover books

h. Can have a collection of many books on same device at the same time and carrying it also has become easy and in

a ordered way i.e. you don’t have to worry about how to handle all these information

i. Pretty handy to be used anywhere starting from cab, bed, under blanket etc.

There are various models available of a kindle as you can see from above links, but for better information about product you can also got through the amazon website to get exact idea about the product and other delivery and warranty, review related details.

In my case i bought it to streamline and accelerate my reading process and to some extent it not only has improved my learning process but it’s clipping and dictionary feature which stores the words you searched while reading helps to have a look at it later which indirectly boosts your vocabulary without much effort plus when you revise those words sometimes that sae story that you has read also comes into your mind and hence puts a bit effort on your memory improvement as well.

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