Feb 1 st, 2016
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Rise Above Your Fear of Failure to Succeed


So you can ask is failing once cannot be regarded as failure, well it will be a failure if you haven’t learned anything from it. But, if you have learned from it and became a person with better experience then indeed it was not a failure.

Remember no best performer was born so; it is the result of long hard work, dedication, focus etc. that made him/her so.

Failure has power to change your life that depends on how you take it; like you may just give up after a failure, but still you can use it as a platform to start over again with more energy and a better experience.

There is a famous saying that I have learned again and again at many places that

i.e. they were not god gifted, not very lucky (well still luck was on their side somewhat), but they had zeal to do something that drive them to take their chances again and again to make it right and so they succeeded like

Edison who invented bulb attempted the experiment for over 1000 times to perfect the illumination

James Dyson who founded Dyson vacuum cleaner range attempted more than 5000 times to make it’s marketable prototype

– Famous motivational speaker Robin Sharma went from seminar to seminar to search target audience for his first book “the monk who sold his Ferrari”

Nelson Mandela was in jail for over a decade but still didn’t lost his hope

Mahatma Gandhi followed non-violence all his life and never turned away from his path, even after harsh treatment by British government in India

So, like this there were many people who worked hard against the prevailing conditions to make something possible and they did it not because they wanted to do it but because they knew that it is the right thing to do and always doing the right thing is not that easy and possible as one can think it to be.

So, the morale of the whole discussion is that you may come up with hard situations and you may not be able to succeed at the first time, but don’t let that fear of failure captures your mind and stopping yourself from trying something again.

If you feel like you will lose or fail in something then go and get yourself rejected again and again as quickly as possible, but kill the chances of your fear to stop you again.

Because, life is big and if your fear will stop you from doing things then at your elder age you will be left with nothing but only regret, so just do things you want to do don’t care about failure, or people or any third thing, fear will be there for just a moment and as you will start doing that thing fear will go away ultimately, so just don’t stop and do whatever you want to, because you are here to live your life, create magnificent things and memories which are worth sharing with people to help them cope up with their fears and not to remain in that uncertain dilemma of fear.

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