Jan 19 th, 2016
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Motivation Theories Dose (Part I)


My first article in the series of motivation. Well everybody of you must be thinking about, why the need comes to write an article on motivation, well the answer lies in the article that I have read today morning and as the author of the article i.e. Robin Sharma said that you will find some good things after you complete reading this article so that shook me to read his whole article and after it I thought to share the same with my readers as well.

He was talking about his personal development program where everyday a lecture or article or video will be delivered to people all round year of 2016 to keep them motivated and reach new heights this year and so the thing that striked into my mind is, every time I get depressed or feels low on energy I try to find some inspiration and move forward, every single time we need a different set of answers to our question which I have learned today i.e. we cannot have the same basic rules that will be followed everywhere.

So the things that I have learned from his article are:

“He wants to give hope to people always by practical examples”

Well I am trying my luck in blogging since a long time and still haven’t achieved anything much, so after reading a lot of blogs and surveying what I understood is that all this famous and successful people talks about easy to do and practical things with high relevance.

“You are meant to fly and build something best”

They always motivate you to believe that yes you can do it, you are meant to build legends and become a legend, all you need is right planning and direction and obviously nothing in this world is impossible all you need is right effort in the right direction.

”Everything you’ve experienced in the past was necessary for you to become the person you are today”

There is a famous dialogue that whatever you are today is the result of choices you have made in past. Many people think about their past and regrets that the situation may be better than that or they have lost precious time. But we always have present with us and we can work hard to make it better always, not taking stand or fighting confirms that situation is going to be worse but your fighting spirit will always help you to achieve new heights always.

“Your pain has purified you. Your stumbles have strengthened you. Your failures have fortified you. It’s all been a brilliant–and perfect– path, even when you resisted it most”

All the problems, struggle one have been through in his/her life are ultimately going to help them only nobody else, so if someone is going through such conditions the time is good for them and future is going to be better for them and they can make it even best.

“As you rise, I get to see our world raised”

Now what quality they possess is that they always thrive to make the situation of people better with their every single article and this is what I am trying to do in this article i.e. to provide some useful information to my readers which can actually bring a change in their actual life.

“Get more real work done in a week than most people get done in three months”

This one is my best i.e. work with almost x times efficiency than others are doing for a week which must be equal to their three months and that way it will bring a new level of confidence and efficiency in you.

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How to let go of your past forever

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