Feb 5 th, 2016
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Some Motivation Lessons From The Missile Man & Great Leaders of World – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam



People always say that a day with a book by some highly successful person is always good as it helps you to know about the actual challenges that they have been through on their journey to create or build something.

This article is related to some such inspirational and motivational thoughts that i have learned while reading a book by The Missile Man of India or The Teacher or The Ex-President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Some such good thoughts from the book “Forge Your Future” are:

Strength, Courage and Confidence

“We gain strength, courage and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face. We must do that we think cannot.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

(Fear and Risk for me are like twins, but facing your fear and taking risks again and again makes you used to for such situations. I have already tried to explain Fear of Risk and how to rise above your fears in earlier.


Four steps to develop your self-confidence:
Define your goal > set out to achieve it > Accelerate towards it > work, work and work. – APJ Abdul Kalam

(well out of the four steps i like the fourth one i.e. once you get the idea what you want to do in your life, then accelerate towards it with full pace and work, work and work and build such a monument of your work that has never been done or made before and that is the secret of building something so enormous that people will be amazed to look at it).

The Goals

The two most important life-goals I would like to have: one increase the amount of time that you have at your disposal and two, increase what you can achieve in the time available. – APJ Abdul Kalam

(The another major advice by all leaders is to use your time efficiently and always try to make more free time then that is necessary and you yourself might know the importance of time i.e. the time once wasted never comes back and utilizing it effectively is very important)

Determination, Belief and Willpower

Determination is the power that sees us through all our frustrations and obstacles. It helps in building our willpower which is the very basis of success.- APJ Abdul Kalam

(Determination to do something and believing in yourself that you can do it is very much important. But, this lesson was not very clear to me unless i have gone through the motivational speech by “Eric Thomas” “Ypu Owe You”, he makes you believe that yes you can do it all you need is stop finding excuses in your life you can do and can become almost anything in your life, i personally request you to go through his video which will definitely bring a change in your life.)

Dream Big and Fight for it

Never give up on your dreams no matter how old you are no matter where you are today. Do not give up dreaming for a better tomorrow.- APL Abdul Kalam

(For leaders giving up is not an option they work hard, fight for it and make it possible no matter how much time they have to try and with this comes in my mind some very excellent examples of not giving up from my article how to rise above your fears Edison, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi etc. all are some very famous examples who proved it actually in their life and with this they have proved that nothing is impossible in life if you fight for it with full determination i.e. if you have zeal to and courage to do what is necessary to actually make it happen then nobody can stop you from reaching there apart from yourself, “so never think you can’t do it always say yes i can do it and find the way to make it happen”.)

Failures – A Way To Learn

There is no success without failure. Failures are just intermittent blockades. Success is the final destination.- APJ Abdul Kalam

(This i have read many a times that success is not easy and always comes with failure, and the most successful people are those who have tried and failed so many times in their life then the other people have even tried and so their fear of failure no longer stops them from doing or trying something new, in fact they they don’t like it if it’s easy to achieve. So, if you want to do something then go ahead and try to do it don’t be afraid that you will fail, because failure is just a way to make you even better i.e. to make you learn and move forward more stronger then before.)

Suffering and Growth

When suffering appears in our lives we should be aware that beneath its negative surface there could be a hidden opportunity for growth and deepening.- APJ Abdul Kalam

(Life never goes simple and straight, you will always face some problem or other which for some behaves like an obstacle where they give up or start to ignore their problem, while successful people says that it is a way, an opportunity for growth and learning. So, a doubt may come into your mind i.e. why they have this mentality and you don’t; well the answer can be answered by you only. All these leaders we see and talk about stood up after their failure and moved forward to fight and end their problems then to stuck in there and waiting for miracle to happen i.e. you must have courage to accept your failure and learn from it and become so much stronger that next time when something like that happens you are already prepare for it. If you are suffering then it’s time to become more stronger then ever to learn and grow more then ever.)

And before ending this discussion one last thought i want to share with you:

Courage to do Unconventional

“Only the person who has the courage to lose sight of the shore can discover new oceans.- APJ Abdul Kalam

(The most difficult situation is when you know you want to do or achieve something but have no idea about the path you need to take to get there and secondly you just not be able come out of your comfort zone to do what it actually requires. But if you have courage to move out of your comfort zone, determination to find the solution to your problem and belief in you that you can do it then you are on right path, well i am not saying that you will reach to your destination which depends on where you stand in the competition, because just be on the right path is not enough in today’s competitive world being competitive to remain and perform well in competition is also very important.)

I will be continuing with more of such lessons in future and if you have some doubts or want to point anything from this article you are most invited. Meanwhile you can try any of the book shown below to get more inspiration and fast-forward on your path to success.

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