Dec 22 nd, 2015
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There is a very famous quote about loyalty-
“Loyalty is rare… If you find it, keep it.”

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Loyalty is not a word or thing; it’s the way of thinking or a lifestyle. Loyal people are the most trust worthy people in the world, they will remain with you forever, whether you are right or wrong, and they will try to let you know when you are wrong and try to bring you back at the right place for sure. But we are living in such age where loyalty only seems a word and it is not having any relation to the normal human being, people are only loyal to their needs today not to the people, when there need ends, so ends their loyalty.

Loyalty is state of being loyal, truthful, and honest. It is having a very big role in our character as well, if we cannot remain loyal, we will never be trust worthy.

Nothing is more attractive than loyalty

This is one of the fact that nothing attracts more than loyalty of the people. If you are loyal, you are living kings life and if you are, not than no one will be there in your life for more span of time, one by one everyone will leave you, no matter how important you were to that person before.
Loyalty comes from inside, it cannot be created artificially. Loyalty will always be rare and hard to find. In today’s world loyal people are the most used people. Loyalty is earned not given. If you are loyal with others you will get the gift of loyalty back and if you are cheating on someone you will get the same thing back. Its all matter of one’s choice. May be you are cheating on the loyal person that person may not cheat you, but surely you will be cheated by some other person because loyalty is returned and cheating is also returned at some point of time.

Source : Optimistnet

Being honest and loyal is not difficult, just try it once and you will fall in love with yourself daily.

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