Dec 29 th, 2015
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How To Solve The Biggest Problems About Passion


She is a writer, editor, content director, expert and more importantly a branding strategist and coach that helps entrepreneurs to get the attention they want.

Old Profession:
She was a magazine editor and hosted a radio show earlier in her job, and then she left and even missed her job while leaving it which she clearly expressed in her talk.

Now, as she was living in New York she has to do something to earn money to support her.

Advice from Other People:
The advice which she got from many people was to find her passion first and pursue it till end, otherwise you will fail.

Her Situation:
As, she tried hard to find her passion; it was more like a picking a major for the rest of your life and that thing was so stressful for her.

Her Perspective About Passion Now:
Then, she defined what she learned about passion which is
“Passion is not a plan, but a feeling and feelings change”

Fears Earlier:
Earlier, she met with people who had the habit to use passion as a yardstick to judge people.
She was always feared of this question like many other people who are always so much feared to answer this one question i.e. “What are you so much passionate about”.

Mother Advice Worked:
Then she got a beautiful advice by her mother, when she left the job and was in the process of finding her passion, also during this time she had a feeling that she might not take the wrong job and get stuck in it and then she got a one line beautiful solution suggested by her mother
“You are not going to get stuck, you have stuck now; and you create a life by living it not agonizing it”

A Fact:
An interesting thing that she told from her experience with his banker friend is that “Do not loan money to someone who follows his passion”.

Her Journey onwards:
Later on she got passionate about selling jewellery to people and she did it because people wanted it. And by doing this business she was really glad.

Conventional Sources:
Well, there are many people as you know who talks about passion, there are many books and courses dedicated for this one thing i.e. helping you find your passion. But, the way Terri described it; I don’t think anyone might need to follow any of those courses and books.

The Main Learning:
“Passion is not a job, sport or hobby; it’s the full force of attention and energy that one gives to whatever is in front of them”
And if people try to find it somewhere else they lost the chance to pursue something that can actually bring a difference in their own life.

Another, beautiful line quoted by her is
“The Best jobs are the ones that has the power to surprise you always”
I know why I left my job, because t was more of a monotonous job and learning process was getting really slow over time and as life is small and time is precious, so I didn’t wanted to waste it living a life and making someone else rich rather than working for myself and building something for myself.

Her Plan About Future:
She love to not have any idea about her future and she loves that notion; because then she has the chance to pursue anything anytime she wants and that’s what she want to convey to her audience that then they can follow anything like they can write a book, start a business or change their careers.
But, if people are waiting for passion then they are going to work for a long time.

A Good Suggestion:
“Spend time and energy solving your favorite problems, look for problems that needs solving”
“Passion is when energy and attention meets someone else’s needs”
“To live a meaningful and valuable life, people don’t follow passion, passion follows them”


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