Dec 28 th, 2015
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How to deliver a 4.8 million viewers talk on Youtube


Profession: Went to law school, author of 5 books about business, work and management with over two million copies sold.

Viewers: 4.8 million views on youtube for his one ted talk

Solution to Actual Problems: He says that actual solutions for your business problems are often surprising not straight forward and easy, because if it will be easy then everyone will be doing that already

His Credibility: He went through a hell lot of famous studies from MIT, FED, London School of Economics i.e. referred a hell lot of professionals and intellectuals with high credibility
His wide area of research what makes him so special i.e. he remembers a hell lot of name and stories behind their success as well

Actual Science and Business: According to him there is a mismatch between what science says and how actually business works. Once a person find and fixes this mismatch they can run business really well.

Three Necessary Things to Run a Business: He says that Autonomy, mastery and purpose are the three things required to run a business

Some Excellent Examples Quoted:
o Gave some good examples like of an Australian company in which they send their employee to work on whatever they want for 24 hours
o Google: Employees are allowed to spend 20% of their time on anything you want

The Best Learning Part:
– Unseen intrinsic drive the drive to do things for your own sake helps to improve performance to a great level
– IF-THEN rewards kill creativity i.e. if you do this then reward will be this

So, I don’t know how many of my readers might be surprised by looking at the work of a single individual named Dan Pink here. But, one thing everyone can learn from this thing is it is not easy or one day job to create or build something magnificent. It takes time and effort, but will that is going to work or not is still another problem.

Effort in right direction is much more important than working tirelessly in wrong territory, because there are chances that the thing you are learning right now not be required by your readers or audience at all and you might be wasting time for a thing which you may think will be required but in actual it does not have any real significance now.

So, at every point of time it’s good to have self-realization and always know where you stand in this world.

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