Dec 20 th, 2015
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Health, Over-Eating, Calorie Requirement of a Body

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A brief Introduction

In this blog I am trying to write something about health like what a person must eat in his/her diet, what is the general eating habits of Indians, why diabetes is a concern, importance of exercising etc.
In India we can see people are not that much health conscious and even if they are, they still lose their discipline and become the victim of over eating and consuming too much sugar during festivals i.e. when in India each relative bring a pack of sweets while going to meet their beloved ones.

Diabetes: Effects and Prevention

Now, diabetes causes some serious effects on health over time like
– Eye problems, skin problems, high BP, gum disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, heart problems etc.

Some ways to tackle diabetes are:

Medication: In this case medicine is provided, which works by stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin in response to a meal
– In still another kind of medication it leads to lower of blood sugar
Dieting and exercising: With time it leads to drop in fat and cholesterol deposits, pancreas began to work again to produce enough insulin etc.


Consuming too much calories or eating unhealthy than that is required by our body causes various problems like:
High cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, high BP, kidney disease etc.
Lose in confidence due to weight gain hence losing their confidence on their appearance
– An over eating person always gets emotionally attached to food items

Proper Calorie Intake

According, to the proper amounts of calorie that come under healthy eating habit are:

Or for a better estimate the following link Calorie Calculator will give you a better estimate about how much a person can consume calories without affecting his/her health. This calorie calculator is based on a total of 5 parameters i.e. age, gender, height, weight and exercise frequency of a person.

Exercising Daily

Exercising daily has got a lot of benefits like it helps reducing weight and burning extra calories to take care of diabetes or obesity, reducing cholesterol level, improved breathing capacity etc.
For more details look at my earlier post 5 Benefits of Regular Exercising.
Another better way for dissolving fat from body is to work in 16 hours diet and 8 hours eating schedule, I have already tried to bring that point in notice in my previous post i.e. 5 Benefits of Regular Exercising and for credibility of this concept people can go to youtube and search for the same, I am providing here a link of the same:

Intermittent Fasting: Hugh Jackman reveals his secret to look lean

In the next posts I will try to give an overview about the balanced diet and its main components i.e. protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, water, roughage, minerals etc. in diet. The importance of each component and why we must avoid excess fat consumption.


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