Dec 22 nd, 2015
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Happiness – An art of living


Happiness comes only in the absence of hate, Hatred only leads to disasters. Happiness is an art of living.

Source : Powerofpositivity

I always wonder that what is the true meaning of happiness, in our day to day works we find ourselves stressed but at the sudden point of time a beautiful smile comes in our face and trust me that is the actual happiness, because it is coming at the time of stress and with that smile we forget all our pains and worries and we continue to smile leaving everything behind. That smile can be appeared because of several reasons, when I think about myself that what are the things that make me happy so, I found some of the reasons like- smile in the face of my parents face and knowing that I am the reason behind that smile, at the time of stress I found a call or message in my cellphone of the people I love the most in my life, a beautiful song played by someone in background when I am not in the mood of even listening anything, Smile in kids face, laughter of the people I love, some news for what I was waiting from long back that gives a perfect smile and happiness to me. For different people the definition of the happiness can differ somewhere everyone will agree that a small thing in life gives big happiness. Happiness is nothing but the combination of different small-small things together giving you perfect surprise in your life.

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When I was thinking about happiness I found very interesting quote-
Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.
By- Joseph Barbara

And yes I do agree that happiness comes from hard work as well. When you are not in the mood of doing anything but still you try to do that than surely you are going to lose the worth of that work but there are also the possibilities that you can give your best for that work as well, everything depends upon the positivity of our thoughts.

Happiness- A journey


“Happiness is truly stated as a journey
Journey which never ends”
We always do the mistake of thinking that happiness is the destination instead of taking it as never ending journey. Once we will start taking it as journey our worries related to happiness will start disappearing because happiness will become the state of mind for us. Whatever happens to us that all is through law of attraction… if will think and try to be happy the law of attraction will bring it to you in any condition, even in the time when you will think that I cannot even smile. One must have to believe in the journey of happiness and have to stay calm, as if anything is meant for you and you are doing hard work to achieve the same no one can stop you from achieving that thing or dream.

Albert Einstein has rightly quoted-

If you want to live happy life, tie it to a goal not to people or things.

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