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Jan 17 th, 2016
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My college, my fantasy – Vishnu M S

My Humble Beginning

When I first heard that I made it to the list of top 10,000 students across the nation who qualified for the IIT (JEE) Advanced Examination, my joy limiter just blew off. I was on cloud nine and couldn’t bring myself to calm down for it meant my life’s worth; all I have ever stood for. I could not actually fathom the distance that kept me away from home, nor did I really thought of that matter anyway. My path was decided and then I was gone to make a mark in a totally foreign land brimming with excellence; a place I had only seen through books: Varanasi. The reality before my eyes was better than I could’ve ever imagined and taking a deep breath I embarked upon a new journey; one where I could be what I want to be.

My New Home and Hope

It’s been almost 3 years since then and I still can’t get the whole picture in place. IIT (BHU) has so much to offer and it can’t be summed up in just mere words. It goes deep when I think about how special it is for me.

The campus stands tall and proud; a living legacy left behind by a human, whom we all proudly call Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya; a man who cherished and lived for the essence of knowledge.  The many institutes and departments in this great University is a symbol of the educational movement which brought forth students from across the nation to share and relish the miracle called life. When I walk through the corridors of my department I could faintly trace his aura emanating from all sides through his wordings and his vision which has now become ours to pursue. IIT (BHU) is a hub of our tradition and cultures, clearly visible through the architecture which preludes the story of a rich indigeneity.  The striking feature about the institute is the enormous greenery, which gives it a beautiful and ever-relishing touch. The great trees hover above the campus road way, giving shelter and haven to the busy horde of students and wild life which makes up the hum and buzz of the campus. The touch of the morning rays while lying on the hostel lawn is simply heaven and with a group which share the same habit, it never gets old. The well-updated library around the corner gives off a genuine feeling of passion and intelligence, backing up our hopes and aspirations.

I usually take a stroll in the evening along with my friends to visit just one particular place, one built out of divinity and love for all life. The magnificent Vishwanath Temple towers over all buildings and radiates a strong aura of raw power, which befits the ambiance for learning. Just sitting there and listening to the hymns being sung in unison is simply mesmerizing, which I can’t seem to get enough of.

Seeing a miracle before your eyes is something, but to take part in one is beyond that something. A hub, as i had said before, celebrating the genius and extend of human abilities. The beginning of a year for a student is a mixture of all these elements, showcasing to the whole institute the talent in them. I remember myself standing alone on the stage, with a guitarist friend of mine, staring back at the horde leaning eagerly to hear the singer in me. Though with an initial hiccup, i began and rediscovered myself with the music around me. For the first time in my life i could look into their eyes and sing my throat out. Well that streak didn’t last long for the real National Fests were still out of my reach and that just makes it ever entertaining! The likes of Kashiyatra, Technex and Spardha are the priceless gems of the institute organised entirely by the students and have contributed a large share in molding talents across the nation. The sheer display of sweat and effort is in itself an inspiration for the many out there striving to achieve what was judged fatal by others. Therein lies my most memorable moment, one i would always remember to pass on for the other to follow.

From here I learnt the importance to form and cherish everlasting bonds with your peers, faculty, mess workers and even the chaai-wala who simply wish the best for all those chasing their dreams.

The beauty is awe-inspiring and makes you think about all the possible outcomes of the life you have set forth. As I write down my feelings I can faintly trace the influence of that power pulsing through my whole being. As incredible as it sounds, nothing will last forever and the thought to cherish life comes first with a thought in check: this too will pass you by. I feel honored to have remembered my campus that way and will move forward filling my bag with new stories to share and relish the old life I truly loved and enjoyed.


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  • Meenal January 18, 2016
    You have portrayed the campus and the city in a really beautiful manner. The ideas have been great. :)


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