Jan 5 th, 2016
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A Real Life Motivation Story of My Friend – Vyom Garg



The Boring Version of Story

The Better Version

Because the world is not over yet

What I am talking about?
A guy from Mathura
History – A normal guy from Mathura who qualified IIT-JEE in 2007 Rank#2903 and got Biotech in IIT-Roorkee
After College- No Job
Then – Started Trading, but after a good profit and losing money in small time he got the idea that share marketing is risky and that he cannot continue it without a proper research
So am I here to give a brief about why share marketing is risky???
No the answer is no
I am here to give guys an inspiration i.e. I think we can learn something from each and every guy. And I am here to give a brief inspiration for my audience that they can learn from my friend
2012-2014: Was a IAS aspirant but even after trying twice didn’t make into it
Was devastated and frustrated, low on energy and enthusiasm, when one of our common friend gave him chance to join his venture.
Later on – Started learning and designing websites
Status as of now i.e. 05-Jan-2015
Have worked on more than 100 websites out of which designed more than 50 by himself and helped other people in maintaining theirs i.e. we all know how tough to maintain things messed up by others, you definitely need to have a lot of skills to do that.
Well let’s see a glimpse of the websites
Well the story is not over here yet,

So the moral of the story is
“The world is not over yet”
The more you fell down, the sooner you can stand up and run over again and agina and again, till you make it.
Also, the most famous body-builder of the world has said:
I will not stop till it is over or I am done.
So for all those IAS aspirants, or college guys who has not made it to their dream job or dream girl, don’t forget thet you have got the chance to fo beyond your dreams and build something much better nad bigger than your dreams, just remember one thing whatever happens just don’t give up.
And when you feel like giving up, rmeember my friend, stand up and give a fight to a whole new level, so that even your competitor regrets to mess with you.
Just Don’t give up, because the world is lot bigger and better than we can ever think of and if it is not then congrats you have go the whole new opportunity to make it so.

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