Dec 20 th, 2015
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A Night With Old College Buddies



Friends are worthless
Friends are worthy making memories with
Friends always surprises you
Friends always amazes you
Friends always shocks you
But no matter what happens they always put a smile on your face whenever you remember it

Topic of Article

Well I had the crazing party night with my college budies this Friday i.e. on 18th-Dec-2015. There was no plan of meeting together and we still met and created some more memories.
But, the night actually went mad and so not to leave even a single thing I decided to put everything according to the timeline.

6:45 PM

Well like every normal day me and my friends i.e. Vyom and Ronak left our office at 6:45 PM and went to their flat to chill out. But as we reached there we get to know that Bond AKA Nandu caught into an accident and so we have to go back to pick him up.

8:00 PM

We met Nandu at the accident site, where he was just chilling out and listening to the arguments of another guy in whose car he made a big dent with his bike.
After a lot of argument and going to the police station they negotiated it for Rs. 3000 as the final settlement amount for damage caused by bike.

9:20 PM

We all came back and started chilling, but the crux of all things is that out of all the people the most relaxed and chillofied among us was the Nandu for whom the whole thing was nothing but a bullshit and he was not even thinking about it as if nothing happened at all (pretending like “aisa to hota hi rehta hai”).

11:45 PM

Well while we were drinking and having a good time, the party took a very drastic turn with the entry of the legendary Monster and The Bhallas (well they are famous with this name only and so I didn’t tried to mention their real name, because their this name is awesome then their real identity).

2:00 AM

After 11:45 PM the next time I saw the watch it was 2 O’clock.
We all were down almost 2 bottles of rum with everyone being high and having an awesome time talking, laughing, discussing old memories about their offices and then comes the legendary entry of “Chota Don”.

The Party Scenario Around 2:30 AM

Well in between Bhalla left, Ronak got blackout, Nandu was working, monster listening to songs, some unknown people came by friend’s reference to stay there, some relatives of my friend’s roommates and so it was looking like we are sitting in a club with no entry limitation people are continuously coming on and on and on.
After, working for a while Nandu got it that he cannot make it tonight and so he left the work and went to sleep.

2:45 AM

The party was down to last four men now me, monster, chota don and the captain Vyom. Vyom as always was very much and drunk and continue drinking on like a fish.
And then we sat together for the first time like this after college and we remembered how we spent a lot of time during our college days, how we caught into some very shitty things, how we spent a night in an ATM in Mussorie, the next time how we managed to sleep under clear sky during winter of December in a place 20 km on the other side of Mussorie, our first Dehradun trip etc.

Why We Remember?

We were like those 12 angry men put inside an hostel by chance not by wish and in the beginning some people were different, but while sitting there in that crazy night I realized that it is our memories good or bad which always bring a smile or a different feeling inside us that make us feel that yes we have lived our life.
It looks like monster and me were sitting next to each other in that Bansal class coaching yesterday, me and chota don had that awesome momos session on Don’s account in that creepy Roorkee place about an hour ago and had an awesome bakar session with “Vyom garg from Mathura” in that awesome Alaphar of our college with “Ij Goyal” giving his expert advice in between some moments back.
And being there that night after recalling all those moments we made a hell lot of more memories for future again. I don’t know when we will be together again and even if we will get that chance.
And just because of all these reasons I decided to try to express all those memories in my words in here, so that all of us can at least read and remember what happens when we college buddies met in that one fucking crazy night of December-18-2015.

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