Dec 21 st, 2015
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10 Topics on Which Any Person Thinking of Writing Can Easily Write


A Brief Overview

Well for any person who wants to write and is writing from the perspective that he will update it somewhere or will post it online on some social platform, it becomes really tough for him/her i.e. to decide “What to write about”.

So, a day before I met one of my friends and he told me a very good thing which he read somewhere i.e. write 10 ideas about anything that is presenting hurdles in your way, so I am today giving it a try i.e. 10 ideas on which a person can actually write about:

About Your Life

Write about your life like what you want to share with your readers it can be good or bad, but when you start putting your thoughts in words some things become very clear otherwise difficult to visualize

About Your Good Friend

Write about your good friend and what is so important about him/her that you want to write about it here i.e. how you made some very awesome trips in life or how sometimes both of you managed to cope up from some shitty things

About Your College or School Memories

Write about your college or school experience i.e. the moments that you miss very badly, the way you used to laugh and not missing even a single day of school

About Place You Live in

Write about the place you live in i.e. what is so special about it and why it brings peace in your life it can be nature, people etc.

About Your Source of Inspiration

Write about your source of inspiration or you can write about it even if you don’t have one and once you are done writing then it can help you finding one with the help of qualities you listed down

About Your Favorite Movies

Write about your favorite movies i.e. why they are your favorite and what makes them unique like write about characters, their dialogues and why they are your favorite

About Topic You Are Good At

Write about any topic you are good at and have good knowledge it can be anything like travelling, food, cooking, places to visit or eat etc.

About Any Recent Event

Write about any recent event you saw on television or you have attended or even about temple, how a big crowd came there and were enjoying the time which otherwise is very rare to see, what is the thing that attracted so many people there

About Your Favorite Gadget or Sport

Write about any of the gadget or sport that is your favorite as well like why it is your favorite, list down its qualities, can add a video demo or can add pictures

About Your Profession

Write about your profession, what you do and some interesting facts about it like how you manage people around you in your daily life and make them work, what are their traits, about difficulty you face in your job etc.

Let’s Conclude

Well that’s going to be a never ending list once you start writing, all you need to know is how to put down your thoughts in words and if you will find it amazing enough to write about then people may also find it worth reading.

So, give it a try i.e. if you feel like writing then give it a try then to remain stuck in dilemma whether people will read it or not, because eventually after writing some posts you will improve and start expressing better, so don’t worry and post anything you write, initially people will not like it and may criticize it, but that’s where you will learn where you need to improve and taking it as a lesson you will move forward day by day and in no matter of time, you will be master of your craft.

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