Dec 23 rd, 2015
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10 Reasons Why I Consider Mobile as the Worst Invention of 21st C.


As we all know that mobile business is one of the fastest growing businesses in market. But, do everybody find it suitable enough and think that it is actually a good invention, for me it is not and today that’s what I want to share why I think that it is one of the worst invention of this century.

  1. A Distraction
  2. Kills Your Right To Privacy: With this new GPS aided systems
  3. Some People Use it to just time pass when they are in cab or in metro or are free doing nothing
  4. How can anybody ask anyone on phone, where are you and what are you doing i.e. why people just don’t mind their own business
  5. Kills your precious time when you do nothing apart from playing silly games and surfing on FB or Instagram watching pics of celebrities
  6. With the seen option on FB and watsapp, it makes life even hard when people always says “why haven’t you replied when you saw the message”
  7. People always replies and want to chat unnecessarily, replying with terms like ”k”, “hmmmm”, with smilies
  8. With free calling the life has become a hell of another level, with people in relationship can’t give excuses that their balance will be over in some time or they want to sleep
  9. People in train always get drained out of battery and then unnecessary bother passengers with mobile charging points on their seat
  10. Again, people start playing absurd songs on their phone on loud-speaker and kills peace of other people, means I know that India is a free country but for the sake of humanity why people just can’t use headphones to let people carry on with their peace mind and thoughts

Well I know that phone has got it’s benefits as well, but in some years it has become seriously a pain in my life and after discussing it with others I thought of why not putting everything on my blog, so that my readers can give an insight about it and help me providing some good ways to avoid these disadvantages related to mobile phones.

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